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Advertising Prepress

Southern Jewelry News / Mid-America Jewelry News is MAC based. The primary or preferred file format for all advertisements is Adobe Acrobat PDF. The secondary file formats are Encapsulated Post Script(.eps), Post script (.ps) and Tiff (.tiff)


Supported Files

  • Iomega Zip Drive - 100MB or 250MB
  • CD-ROM disks
  • Please label your disk to include: Name of advertiser, Issue date, Size of ad, Contact name and phone number

Include All Supporting Files

  • PDF files: All images & fonts must be embedded
  • EPS/PS/TIFF Sfiles: All images & fonts must be embedded
  • Native files: must include printer fonts, screen fonts, graphics, and images

Digital Specifications

  • CMYK printer only. All RGB,LAB or Pantone images must be converted to CMYK.
  • 200 dpi for halftones. 300 dpi resolution for 4/C. Scanning of line art must have minimum resolution of 600 dpi.
  • Offset printing has a dot gain of 30% -35%. Prepare your scans and screens to accommodate dot gain

Line Screen for Supplied Film

  • Optimum line screen: 85-110 (Max. 133-with prior approval)
  • Recommended maximum color density: 240
  • Right Reading emulsion down negatives.
  • CMYK Color Specifications for Separations (see table below):
Highlight Midtone Shadow
Cyan 0% - 5% 35% - 55% 70% - 75%
Magenta 0% - 2% 35% - 55% 50% - 60%
Yellow 0% - 2% 35% - 55% 50% - 60%
Black 0% 0% - 20% 40% - 45%



  • Southern Jewelry News / Mid America Jewelry News is not responsible for reproduction quality of any submitted material not in compliance with the specifications outlined above.
  • When Southern Jewelry News / Mid America Jewelry News converts RGB, LAB, or Pantone images to CMYK, color match may vary due to conversion algorithms.


  1. Limit overprints to two colors. If this is not possible then limit the placement to a section of the page as opposed to placement over the entire page.
  2. Overprints should be surrounded by a rule of at least 1 point. This covers any minor registration problems and adds to the appeal of the overprint. Tint boxes and color photos look bad even if slightly out of register.
  3. Thin lines, fine serifs and small or medium type should be restricted to one color (not a color build). All colored type should be reproduced using a minimum of colors to avoid difficulty with registration.
  4. When type is to be surprinted, the background should be no heavier than 30% in any one color and no more than 90% total in all four colors for legibility.
  5. Reverse type should use dominant color (usually 70% or more) for shape of letters. When practical and not detrimental to the appearance of the image, make the type in subordinate colors slightly larger to minimize registration problems. Small type and fine serifs should not be used for reverse type. The surrounding tone must be dark enough to ensure legibility.
  6. Drop shadows should be a minimum of 3 point type.
  7. Knockouts work best in solid color.
  8. Avoid using 4 color black type or rules; it will never register completely.
  9. The minimum printable dot is 3%. Materials should be prepared with this limit in mind.
  10. The screen angles of the colors should be 30 degrees apart, with the yellow placed 15 degrees from the other colors and between the cyan and magenta or the cyan and black.
  11. Special care should be taken with vignettes of fade away edges where the fade away is made up of more than one color because color balance is difficult to maintain. In many cases, the fade away edges are best reproduced in black only.
  12. When a solid black background is desired, add at least 30% cyan to that background. Without the added cyan, uneven inking will become more apparent.
  13. Remember to factor in dot gain when looking at tint blocks and photos. The printed piece will not look like the screen. Think C-M-Y-K not R-G-B.


Sepiatones are grayish brown or olive brown.

Highlight Midtone Shadow
Cyan 0% - 5% 35% - 55% 70% - 75%
Magenta 0% - 3% 10% - 20% 10% - 20%
Yellow 2% - 5% 20% - 45% 45% - 55%
Black 55% - 75% 30% - 55% 55% - 75%


These readings are only a starting point, adjustments may be needed according to the type of original. Hue's may vary depending on substrates. Press inline conflicts may cause inking variations.

Highlight Midtone Shadow
Cyan 0% - 5% 20% - 30% 40% - 55%
Magenta 0% - 5% 20% - 30% 40% - 55%
Yellow 0% - 5% 20% - 30% 40% - 55%
Black 2% - 10% 35% - 50% 65% - 75%



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