Last updateTue, 24 Apr 2018 8pm

Integration of B.A. Ballou into W.R. Cobb exceeds expectations

(CRANSTON, R.I.) - W.R. Cobb Company announced that the integration of B.A. Ballou into a new Division - Cobb/Ballou Findings, has outpaced all expectations and more than 75 United States-based manufacturing workers have returned to their positions.

"We generally don't make a lot of public pronouncements, but I believe the industry would be pleased to hear that between manufacturing, sales, marketing and support more than 100 staff members have been successfully brought back to work and are working to extend the strong legacy of the Ballou company. The Cobb/Ballou Findings is developing into a model for US manufacturing capabilities - we are working not only to be a great national supplier, but also a leading American exporter in our industry," said Roderick Lichtenfels, Chief Executive Officer of W.R. Cobb.



The successful integration of B.A. Ballou into W.R. Cobb
has returned more than 75 US based manufacturing jobs.

The acquisition of B.A. Ballou, one of America's oldest jewelry manufacturers, was completed earlier this summer by W.R. Cobb Company. The acquisition of Ballou by W.R. Cobb is highly complementary and the new Division, Cobb/Ballou Findings, operates under the W.R. Cobb corporate structure.

W.R. Cobb secured all of Ballou's intellectual property, equipment, tooling, and their management team in the acquisition.

"We are developing new products and integrating the innovations of W.R. Cobb and the quality of Ballou - we will be unveiling a series of new products in the next few months. In the past couple of years we have realized strong support from the industry for our Precise® White Gold, our Bridal collection, and our wide-range of innovative online tools for the industry," said Lichtenfels, "We believe that the success of this acquisition may be a sign that the industry is starting to bounce-back."

Cobb/Ballou Findings manufacturing is located at facilities in Rhode Island. It has been continuously manufacturing in the United States since 1877. In addition to the Rhode Island headquarters and manufacturing operations, Cobb/Ballou Findings continues to operate offices in Ireland, England, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Hong Kong to name but a few.

Cobb/Ballou Findings operates sales offices in more than 20 countries around the world.

For more information please call 800-428-0040 or visit www.wrcobb.com.