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Great article on buying American. I have tried to do this over the years, and yes I drive an American car, not a Toyota made in America, but a Ford.

I think you could take this a step farther. I have two websites ( and, the second one is great for trying to find American products. You might be new or fresh to this idea, and unfortunately I think you are going to become disappointed. It is a hard task and frustrating when you cannot find the items you need. I have been trying this for years.

How about starting a list with your research? I would love to buy boxes from an American manufacturer, I just don't know where they exist.

A lot of the jewelry is now being made in China as well. When I ask suppliers where the rings they sell are made, I am told Los Angeles, but I truly suspect they are made in China, shipped to a Los Angeles concern and then resold. How else would all of these rings look so much alike?

Bill Brundage
Bill Brundage Jewelers
Louisville, Kentucky


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