Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Ashi Diamonds introduces Ashi Essentials - a collection of best selling, high turn, basic styles

(NEW YORK) - Ashi Diamonds is delighted to present the new Ashi Essentials - a collection of beautiful, high-quality, aggressively priced, basic jewelry styles that can account for more than 50-60% of a retail store’s sales throughout the year. Along with the appropriate marketing and merchandising, these classic and timeless Ashi Essential styles will increase the independent jewelers’ inventory turns, sales and profits.

“The Ashi Essentials program represents an extension of our commitment to always provide our independent retail jewelry partners with the very best in product selection and marketing solutions,” says Rajeev Pandya, partner of Ashi Diamonds. “We’re dedicated to provide the latest trends and cutting edge styles in bridal and fashion, and now we have designed this innovative and complete turnkey program of the best selling and most popular classic jewelry styles to help independent retail jewelers to maximize their sales and profits all year around. Just like the little black dress and matching shoes are a must for her wardrobe - these Ashi Essentials are a must for a jewelry store.”

Ashi-DecemberStudies show that basic jewelry styles can turn from 3.5 times per year to as much as 4 times per year on some categories. This means that basic items can turn several times in the time it takes retail jewelers to sell the rest of their jewelry inventory. This represents a huge percentage of their sales and profits for the year. Inventory turn is the key to profitability!

“In these tough economic times, it is imperative for independent retail jewelers to take full advantage of every aspect of their inventory – particularly those basic, timeless, classic items that provide the most sales and inventory turns in their store,” says Sanjay Pandya, Partner of Ashi Diamonds. “All of our products in the Ashi Essentials collection, have fabulous track records and are proven top performers at both the regional and local levels – and their sell thru is nothing short of extraordinary! These items form the backbone of inventories carried by successful retailers.”

These proven best sellers include essential diamond jewelry styles for retail jewelry stores and the perfect complement for each customer’s personal jewelry collection. This includes the following classic and timeless styles:

  • Diamond stud earrings - in high end POS display trays
  • Diamond solitaire pendants
  • Diamond wedding & anniversary bands
  • Diamond curved bands - perfect fit for many engagement rings
  • Diamonds cross and heart pendants
  • Diamond solitaires
  • Diamond three stone - Past, Present & Future jewelry
  • Diamond hoop earrings

Ashi has carefully created this innovative program of beautiful, fashionable, high-quality and finely crafted items at extremely competitive prices to help their retail partners to maximize sales and profits during the holiday season and beyond.

Ashi Essentials is backed up by an extensive Merchandising & Marketing program that can be customized to suit individual store needs. This includes:

  • Complimentary integrated, high quality, hand crafted, POS display trays.
  • Online trackable Swiss Gem Lab Certificate with every Ashi Essential style.
  • InStock program with 24-hour delivery of all Ashi Essential basic styles.
  • Special initial order terms with extended dating.
  • TV ads, radio spots, newspaper & magazine ads, digital images & DVD loops.
  • POS pop kits, countertop cards, duratrans and posters.
  • Complimentary I Do Collection bridal website and digital E-catalogs.
  • Convenient fax and online re-order forms.
  • Ashi’s guaranteed value proposition of quality, consistency, on-time delivery and service.

Every Ashi Essential Collection comes with its own complimentary POS display tray - hand crafted with customizable individual pads in a rich fabric with a pearl luminescent finish that will fit into any showcase and store décor. Whether the jewelry retailers are searching for a comprehensive basics presentation or just looking to fill in some particular bread-and-butter styles at specific price points, Ashi Essentials is the answer to all their basics merchandising needs.

Every style from Ashi Essentials collection comes with a Gem Lab Certificate from Swiss Gemological Laboratory (SGL), an exclusive provider of jewelry certificates for all of Ashi’s Jewelry. An independent certificate from SGL gives customers the confidence they need for retailers to close the sale. It also provides them with independent proof of their jewelry’s value for insurance purposes. SGL’s innovative online certificate tracking software and integrated e-mail system allows customers to track, view, print and e-mail their certificate, style picture and details along with store info to their family and friends via www.SwissGemLab.com. This same technology is now being extensively used as a marketing tool by Ashi’s retail partners across the country to successfully convert their prospective customers into buyers.

“At Ashi, we understand the jewelry market and how tough retail sales can be. With many consumers cutting down on expensive fashion jewelry and other luxury purchases, it’s important to offer them affordable, basic items that have a proven track record and that are classic, timeless styles with versatility for everyone and for everyday wear. Ashi Essentials is the collection, which has been specifically designed to help our retail partners to successfully bring in sales all year round,” says Rajeev Pandya.

For more information on the Ashi Essentials Program, please call their New York office at 800-622-ASHI or your regional Ashi sales representative.