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Mia Katrin

It’s the economy: The “R” word. Leveraging your options.

Quick. What's on your mind? With political rhetoric reaching election-day fever pitch, news headlines trumpeting Wall Street bailouts and mortgage market meltdowns and the peak-selling Holiday season just around the corner, it's pretty safe to say it's the economy. Will sales be strong this season? How are my clients being affected? Should I shift my sales strategy? Alter my inventory?


The Affair of the Necklace - Romance. Scandal. Intrigue.

There’s something magical about a necklace. Thirteen women in Ventura, CA recently embarked on an adventure that transformed their lives when they collectively purchase...

The lore and lure of gems

Sparkling. Enticing. Enchanting. Do you secretly covet a large, flawless diamond? Are you mesmerized by the rich beauty of emeralds? Do you treasure tantalizing tanzanite...
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