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Chuck Koehler

The Retailer’s Perspective: Every... Single... Year!

You know, it never fails to happen every year, but it still amazes me just the same. What I’m talking about is the audacity of some of the people that show up and expect impossible things from me… at Christmas!  So, now that I’ve slowed down a little, I thought I’d tell you a story or two of what happened during this last Christmas season.


The Retailer’s Perspective: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, here we go again.   It’s Christmas in the jewelry business.   If you’re keeping score, this will be the 6th Christmas season since the Great American Rece...


The Retailer’s Perspective: Two years and counting

Long ago, in another time and another place, people would walk into jewelry stores to shop for, and buy, jewelry and gift items.   They’d come in and look to see wha...


The Retailer’s Perspective: Chuck finds interesting things at the Atlanta Jewelry Show

October of 2008 was when it hit me.   That was when I knew it was gonna be bad.   Yes, I’m referring to the Great American Recession.   Nobody knew how to navi...


The Retailer’s Perspective: But... what if the customer IS wrong?

Seriously.   What if the person standing across the counter from you is clearly making a huge mistake?  

Yea, yea, I know the saying, ‘The customer is always righ...


The Retailer’s Perspective: Woo Hoo... I made a sale!

About darn time!   And, before I could properly celebrate, my online store made another one, then another one.   It’s true what they say; you always remember your...


The Retailer’s Perspective: In the path of disaster

As we all watched the tragedy unfold in Oklahoma and the Midwest over the last couple of weeks, it reminded me of a similar situation I was in about 5 or 6 years ago. &nbs...

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