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David Brown

Are you ready for Grand Final time?

Whenever I ask a jewelry retailer what the most important time of year is for their business, I get a look as if to say “you must be kidding right?”. Even a ten year old will tell you that most retail stores, but particularly jewelers, have their busiest time in the lead up to the year end.

However, if I ask that same jeweler how they are preparing for their biggest month of the year there is normally a reaction somewhere between a puzzled expression and a shuffling of feet. Most jewelers take very little time to prepare themselves for their most profitable period - the month that often decides whether the business will make a profit for the year or not.


Dealing with vendors in-store

The phone is ringing. A battery needs to be put into a watch for a customer and there is another repair to be done to a chain for a lady who will be back in five minutes....


You and your vendor – how to make the relationship work

"A General is just as good or bad as the troops under his command make him." - Gen. Douglas McArthur

In the same way that a General depends on his soldiers to move forward...

How to eliminate your aged inventory

One of the larger banes in the life of any retailer is the problem of old product - those items you thought were a good buy, but once in-store proved not to be the case. ...
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