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Bill Warren

Advertising: Brand vs. Direct Response

In this corner we have “Brand Advertising” - in the opposite corner stands “Direct Response Advertising” - Who wins the battle?

First, lets define our two combatants. Brand Advertising is that which builds name recognition for a brand, but makes no specific offer.  In the jewelry biz, we’re most familiar with this type of advertising in campaigns such as:  Hearts On Fire Diamonds, Pandora Jewelry, Rolex, etc.  This type of advertising is usually very “glitzy” with four color ads, the logo displayed prominently, a picture and nothing else.


Annoying pest or welcomed guest? That really is the question...

It has been said that we American’s really do open our mail over the trash can. Our junk mail is treated as welcome as a rodent/pest would be in our home. However, ce...


What is this “USP” thing I keep hearing about & how will it help me?

USP or Unique Selling Proposition is a term that has been around for quite a while.  How can it help you in your jewelry store?

First of all, a USP is a one sentence to o...


How would you like a proven way to get new customers in your door at almost no cost?

You won’t be able to wait for your telephone to ring!

Sometime ago, I had a competing jewelry store in our town go out of business.  While looking through the Yellow Pa...

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