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The Retailer’s Perspective: Appraising jewelry my way

With all the hubbub going around lately about bogus diamond certifications, I thought I’d discuss the other side of the scenario - assigning monetary values to all of those VSs and SIs and Gs and Hs. Having done thousands and thousands of appraisals throughout the years, I thought I’d show you how I assign dollar values to those shiny rocks and glittery gold objects. And the ring we’re going to appraise is the one in the picture.  Let’s get to work.

“Think of it as an investment” Gems & jewelry as an investment - Part II

How many times when selling engagement rings, diamonds and high end jewelry have you encouraged your clients by reminding them that it’s an investment? Speaking knowledgeably about jewelry and gems as investments helps to gain your client’s trust and burnishes your reputation. For both novices and seasoned investors, reviewing a few guidelines and caveats is useful. Jay Boyle, Senior Buyer for JTV (Jewelry Television, www.jtv.com), considered the world’s largest purveyor of colored gems, buys millions of dollars of gems yearly. Frequently traveling to buy from the source at exotic mining locales while also presenting gems directly to customers on live TV, his perspective on the colored gem market is unique.

24 Karat Corner: My love/hate relationship with Apple

First of all, I hope you don’t have time to read this column right now. With Christmas just weeks away, I hope your in-box is over flowing, and if you are reading these pages like me, its with one hand holding a sandwich while the other hand is sorting through job envelopes and order tickets, all under the glow of the flashing message light of your phone. But, as always, the holidays will be behind us way too soon, and life will get back to normal. And, these pages will look a lot better when we are all relaxed.

The Story Behind the Stone: Pink Possibilities

Oh the hubris over fancy pink diamonds! Admittedly they are objects of desire and their at-auction price really depends on who’s bidding that day, keeping in mind the last pink hammer price. Less stellar budgets can still bask in that rosy glow via fancy pink sapphires with a similar blushing tint.  Both of those gem types are finding new devotees and in so doing, many collectors are reaching out to see what else the gem bag holds.

Modern Day Selling: The Seven Simple Truths Truth #6: Setting the proper foundation is the key to a successful career

Today I am going to offer you some valuable insight that has the potential to impact your sales career in a meaningful way. It is the importance of making sure a proper foundation was set as you are building your sales career to new heights. It does not matter if you are a new sales associate or seasoned veteran, we all have a foundation that was set at the beginning of our sales careers. The two question’s I have for you today is, “What type of foundation have you laid in your sales career?” and “Will it stand the test of time throughout your career?”

Why follow through is your most important job

There are many reasons why retailers can fall on bad times. These may include absence of customers, shortage of resources or other events over which they have no control.

Regardless, the only thing that you have an abundant supply of is ideas. You can always revamp your business by using new strategies. A good idea has the power to turn around your fortunes. Necessity being the mother of invention, ideas are more important in bleak times than otherwise.