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Josh Tenery

A legend in his own time

In a society filled with mistrust and cynicism, it is refreshing to hear good news. It's nice to know that every newsworthy event is not one of hurt and harm and mayhem. For those trying to live a good and decent life, it is encouraging to learn that the American Dream can still be realized and that nice guys, in fact, do not always finish last. Such is the story of Prem Jain, an immigrant who has worked hard, helped others, and made a fine life by serving his customers graciously. He is the founder and owner of GemsOne, and the recipient of the Ohio Jewelers' Association's 2008 Legends of Ohio Award.

Armena Refinery - Enjoying the ride

There's nothing quite like a really good roller coaster. Combine speed with hills and loops and hairpin turns, and you are in for a terrific ride. The same cannot be said when your company adopts the same characteristics. What is exciting and invigorating at an amusement park can be frightening and distressing when it occurs in the foundation of your business. And this has been the plight of Armena Refinery in recent months, as the prices of precious metals have fluctuated. Armena has contended with volatile markets as they continue to serve their customers.

Selling wholesale may not be wholesome

It has become commonplace to buy in bulk here in America.  Wholesale clubs like Sam's Club and Costco are popping up all over the landscape and consumers are readily stuffing over-sized boxes of Cheerios and 5-gallon drums of mayonnaise into their massive buggies all in search of bargain prices.