Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Rio Grande distributes COPPRclay™

Following a highly successful response to last year's introduction of BRONZclayTM to the metal clay world, Rio Grande is excited to announce they will be the primary distributor of new COPPRclayTM. This addition to the growing metal clay line offers exciting design possibilities to jewelers, artists and sculptors at an affordable price.

COPPRclay consists of pure copper, water and non-toxic binding materials. It comes out of the package ready to use (no need to add water). It can be pinched, rolled, manipulated and formed like clay; in its dried pre-fired state, it's still highly flexible and easy to carve, allowing the artist to apply details and finishing touches before firing. When fired in a kiln, the binder vaporizes, leaving a richly colored, solid, pure copper object that can be sawn, shaped, drilled, patinaed or soldered using traditional jewelry tools and techniques. Because COPPRclay is pure copper, it's great for jewelers and sculptors who enjoy applying enamels. And because it's so affordable, COPPRclay can be used to create large pieces and specialized tools - it can even be thrown on a potter's wheel to shape copper hollowware.

COPPRclay inventor Bill Struve of Metal Clay Adventures set out to develop a medium that would produce strong, durable, wearable pieces that would be safe to use, and that would require only simple tools, a kiln and the artist's imagination. Some said he couldn't do it. "If you put enough time and knowledge into it," Struve said, "you can figure it out. When I wasn't sleeping, I was playing with the clay." The result was his first product, BRONZclayTM - what he called "a gift... just another tool for the artist."

"COPPRclay is a great addition to the metal clay family," says Rio Grande Raw Materials Product Manager, Kevin Whitmore. "It's just as affordable as BRONZclay and it gives designing artists a rich new color to add to their palettes. Copper jewelry has always enjoyed popularity for its color and many believe it helps alleviate arthritis. COPPRclay will extend the reach of metal clay artists."

Rio Grande distributes COPPRclay in generous 100- and 200-gram blocks. Rio Grande also carries specialized tools and equipment for working with the clay, including activated carbon, firing pans and kilns.

Rio Grande is proud to offer COPPRclay, and with it, the opportunity for jewelers and artists to expand their options for design. To order products or for more information, interested buyers may visit copprclay.com or www.riogrande.com. They can also call Rio Grande at 800-545-6566 or direct e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..