Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Unique Advantage™ expands into fashion pieces

Unique Advantage™, the highly successful inventory sampling program from Unique Settings of New York®, is expanding beyond its bridal limits. The collection, which launched in 2009 with a comprehensive engagement ring and wedding band collection, has become so popular that retailer requests to include fashion pieces have now been accommodated.

“We are super excited to be able to offer our retailers an even broader array of exceptional quality samples in the fashion arena,” says Johnny Guven, supervising manager of commercial sales department at Unique Settings of New York®. “Now we can offer them fashion colored stone rings, men’s wedding bands, bridal trays and so much more. Our goal is to help retailers succeed in these challenging economic times.”

Once thought of as ‘fake’ merchandise, many retailers were cautious about carrying sample representations in their cases. But with the ever changing financial climate and instability of the banking industry many retailers had to reevaluate the way they were doing business in order to survive. The changing economy along with the exceptional quality with which Unique Advantage™ is manufactured and their enormous selection have all contributed to the success of the program.

“Unique Advantage™ gives retailers the chance to compete with big-name bridal operations without enormous impact on their financial situation. It is the best of both worlds, offering every retailer the chance to provide extensive selection, timely customization and the ‘touch-and-feel’ experience that so many customers need before they buy.”

Unique Settings of New York® is now offering fashion pieces in addition to a huge selection of bridal in its Unique Advantage™ program

Made in the United States of America with only tarnish-resistant metals, Unique Advantage™ provides consumers with the true look and feel of the live products. These samples are made on the same machines, with the same attention to detail used to produce the live pieces. And, each sample piece is tested to verify the weight matches the live piece to ensure customers gain an accurate representation of what they are purchasing.

“The ability to touch and hold product is one of the key advantages brick and mortar stores have over Internet stores. That’s why it’s important to maximize those moments when customers come in having ‘researched’ their purchase on line. But, don’t forget that 75% of all bridal purchases are custom orders, which is where Unique Settings of New York® can really help retailers.”

If you haven’t taken a look at Unique Advantage™ what are you waiting on? With their ever-expanding product lines, low investment requirements and customization capabilities, Unique Advantage™ allows you to position your store as the ‘Wedding Specialist’ in your community.

For more information about Unique Advantage™ contact Unique Settings of New York® at 800-466-4900 or visit www.uniquesettings.com.