Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Cleaning up a hot trend

The Kingswood Company urges customers to use gentle cleaning formulary for bead cleaning

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) - With jewelry trends running heavily toward fashion pieces featuring beads and pearls, The Kingswood Company is launching a campaign to remind customers that The Kingswood Company’s Gentle Jewelry Cleaner and polishing cloths are the perfect products for cleaning beads, pearls and other stones requiring gentle care.

“The popularity of bead lines today is unbelievable,” explained Kristie Nicolosi, President & CEO of The Kingswood Company.  “The trend has exploded in the market, and many jewelers we work with are being asked by their customers how to properly clean their beaded jewelry.”

Part of the popularity of bead charm bracelets and the like is that they are appropriate for everyday wear.  But such routine wear means that beads are exposed to things like sunscreen, hairspray, lotions and more.  At the same time, many women are afraid to clean their beads and pearls for fear of damaging them.

Certainly many cleaners, particularly household cleaners like ammonia, are too harsh; beads and pearls should be cared for with a non-ammoniated cleaner specifically formulated for cleaning jewelry.  The Kingswood Company’s Gentle Jewelry Cleaner formulary removes dirt, hairspray, oils and more without damaging the bead or stone.  And periodic wiping with a soft polishing cloth will keep beads and pearls looking beautiful.

Jewelers who are finding great success with the sale of today’s popular bead lines also find The Kingswood Company’s Gentle Jewelry Cleaner an excellent add-on sale.

“We at The Kingswood Company strive to work with our customers to integrate cleaning products into their stores,” added Nicolosi.  “Jewelers who are riding the trend with beads can build better relationships with their clients by educating them on proper care of their bead purchase.  And our gentle cleaner and polishing cloths are the perfect products to use.”

For more information on The Kingswood Company’s private label jewelry cleaning products, visit www.thekingswoodcompany.com.