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Health for Wealth - Promote your peak performance

Living in the zone. Operating at peak performance. When we’re healthy we’re like a finely tuned engine, turbo-charged.  Running at peak performance is a no-brainer. Not only are you enjoying vibrant vitality but you’re increasing your capacity for wealth. Health is the basis for wealth because the qualities of radiant health - energy, efficiency, clarity - are just the traits needed for maximum productivity. Some concrete tips to “up” your level of efficiency and success:

•Back to basics.
We all know the building blocks for good health - nourishing food, regular rest, fresh air, exercise. Our lifestyle choices repeated become habits. Subtle changes can over time cumulate into dramatic results. Are you retiring at a reasonable hour? “Early to bed, early to rise…” Try taking a power nap during the day when you feel a slump. Drink lots of fresh water. Make healthy food choices including reasonable portions. We’re surrounded by all the resources necessary to provide the best quality of life. We’re blessed to live in one of the most affluent nations on Earth. Fresh, nutritious whole foods in abundance are available. Yet our society has widespread problems of obesity and other illnesses resulting largely from lifestyle choices. Be smart. Be proactive. It’s up to you. It’s your body. It’s your life.

•Change your mind, change your life.
We’re bombarded daily with advertising for processed, packaged and prepared foods in supersized portions. The goal of advertising is to sell processed food, not necessarily to promote good health. Don’t be a victim of advertising. Listen to your body and how you feel. Do certain foods give you energy and make you feel better than others? Do you feel better eating more, smaller meals throughout the day rather than one or two large ones? Health is not just about longevity. It’s about the quality of life - discovering and living the good life, life in balance.

Use it or lose it. 

Bodies want to move. Exercise gets the endorphins moving. It’s blissful. Break up long sessions of sitting at the bench or computer. Get up and stretch hourly. Breathe deeply. Do something fun! How about dancing or a group exercise program?  Promote healthy living for your staff. How about a spa day or massage as an incentive for excellent sales?  Consider partnering with a local luxury spa. Their upscale clients may love to look at your brochures during a spa day. With the new health care system, businesses are already involved in the health of their employees. Encouraging good health is smart business.

Out with the bad.
Remove toxic influences - negative thoughts, habits and relationships that may be hampering your success. Think positively. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive people. Success is infectious. Visualize the life you want. As you change your template, you change your life. Create your world and live in it. Our world is always a projection of ourselves. The more powerful the mind, the more transformative it can be.

Surround yourself with beauty.
Beauty is nourishing. Get out in nature. Unplug. Take a vacation to the beach, mountains or your favorite spot to rewind and refresh. Create a beautiful environment to live and work in. Essential oils, such as lemon or gardenia, add an uplifting touch. Plants project beauty and life. Consider partnering with a local florist. Have them deliver a fresh bouquet for your store weekly, acknowledged with their card and brochures. In return, your cards and brochures are featured at their store. Brides and wedding planners in touch with the florist will think of you. It’s a win-win situation.

To be truly wealthy is to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Make the smart choices for true wealth and enjoy.

Mia Katrin is an award-winning couture jewelry designer specializing in beautiful necklaces of gems in gold and silver. Featured in over 50 top stores nationally, her Collections have been worn by A-List Hollywood celebrities. Mia exhibits at trade shows and produces and hosts live fashion shows. A trend-setting style spokesperson, she is available for lectures and seminars.  www.jeweljewel.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 877-JEWEL-MY (539-3569). She likes to be Liked on Facebook – search Mia Katrin for JEWEL COUTURE LLC.