Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Sal Praschnik Jewels releases revolutionary new product

(MIAMI) - Sal Praschnik Jewels recently introduced a revolutionary new product: The e-Charm. At first glance the average person would conceive it to be just another dashing piece of jewelry, but upon further inspection one would realize that the e-Charm's purpose is far from solely aesthetic.

Remarkably fitted into this elegant casing lies a flash drive with the capacity of accommodating up to 2 GB of memory. You can store anything from emergency information to countless pictures of your loved ones - from tomorrow's business presentation to your late afternoon workout music. Additionally the e-Charm carries an easy to use program that is equipped with a simple computer form that generates and stores emergency medical information. Its versatility takes it from being a tasteful commodity to an intelligent necessity.

Sal Praschnik Jewels' new e-Charms line features a concealed flash drive that holds 2 GB of memory.

Available in gold with diamonds, plain gold, two tone gold and gold with silver, the e-Charm satisfies several different price points to captivate individuals from all demographics. e-Charm's combination of elegance and practicality is sure to make it the latest innovation to take the fine jewelry market by storm.

Established over 43 years ago, Sal Praschnik Jewels has been committed to the highest standards of excellence, uniqueness in designs and ultimate quality in craftsmanship.

For more information contact David Praschnik at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 800-780-5267.