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1 Sales Growth Expert: I give up!! Jun 2012 Bob Janet
2 Sale Growth Expert: Facts about opportunity May 2012 Bob Janet
3 Sale Growth Expert:There is more than one way to get the job done Mar 2012 Bob Janet
4 Sales Growth Expert: Information increases jewelry selling success Jan 2012 Bob Janet
5 Sales Growth Expert: Why should I buy jewelry from you? Dec 2011 Bob Janet
6 Sales Growth Expert: They stole the refrigerator when they perceived value Nov 2011 Bob Janet
7 Sales Growth Expert: The Worst Bad Jewelry Business Assumption... Oct 2011 Bob Janet
8 Sales Growth Expert: “Listen like a child” - Listen aggressively Sep 2011 Bob Janet
9 Sales Growth Expert: Create the perception that will attract prospects to you Aug 2011 Bob Janet
10 Sales Growth Expert The VULTURES want to eat you! It is up to you whether they do or not! Jul 2011 Bob Janet
11 Sales Growth Expert: It’s all about the service It has always been - “All About The Service” Jun 2011 Bob Janet
12 Sales Growth Expert: Are you ready to profit in 2011? Feb 2011 Bob Janet
13 Sales Growth Expert: When the bullets are flying - How to handle the overflow of customers Jan 2011 Bob Janet
14 Sales Growth Expert: To maximize your jewelry sales, maximize praise Dec 2010 Bob Janet
15 Getting back to basics Dec 2010 David Brown
16 Sales Growth Expert: How to turn complaints into loyalty Nov 2010 Bob Janet
17 Sales Growth Expert: Boost your prospecting and lower your marketing cost Sep 2010 Bob Janet
18 Sales Growth Expert: Don’t operate like a Cave Man... Aug 2010 Bob Janet
19 Sales Growth Expert: What is the lowest price? How not to become a victim of the price cutters Jul 2010 Bob Janet
20 Sales Growth Expert Jun 2010 Bob Janet
21 Sales Growth Expert: Going from a clerk to a SALES PROFESSIONAL Apr 2010 Bob Janet
22 Sales Growth Expert How to close the telephone price shopper Mar 2010 Bob Janet
23 Sales Growth Expert: The Post Office does it... SO CAN YOU Feb 2010 Bob Janet
24 Sales Growth Expert: What to do, what to do? Jan 2010 Bob Janet
25 Sales Growth Expert: It was going to be a cold winter Dec 2009 Bob Janet
26 Sales Growth Expert: Take advantage of your changing market to prosper Nov 2009 Bob Janet
27 Sales Growth Expert: Keep on Jumping - How 50¢ made a $56,700 sale Oct 2009 Bob Janet
28 Sales Growth Expert: Get your product in your customers’ hands Sep 2009 Bob Janet
29 Sales Growth Expert: Stop throwing your marketing/advertising dollars away Aug 2009 Bob Janet
30 Sales Growth Expert: The 4 easiest ways to make more money Jul 2009 Bob Janet
31 Sales Growth Expert: Unhappy Customers - How to keep them and not lose money Jun 2009 Bob Janet
32 Sales Growth Expert A recession is a terrible thing to waste - and a very good time to sell jewelry for high profits May 2009 Bob Janet
33 Sales Growth Expert: You do not drown by going under water... You drown by staying under water Apr 2009 Bob Janet
34 Sales Growth Expert: Open your eyes wide - PLEASE - and sell me Add-Ons Mar 2009 Bob Janet
35 Sales Growth Expert The # 1 most important word in Selling Feb 2009 Bob Janet
36 Sales Growth Expert: If it worked once - It usually works again Jan 2009 Bob Janet
37 Sales Growth Expert - Success breeds success when you are aggressive Dec 2008 Bob Janet
38 Free - The word FREE is one of the 3 most powerful words in advertising and very profitable when used correctly Nov 2008 Bob Janet
39 Selling swimming pools is the same as selling jewelry Sep 2008 Bob Janet

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