Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Plan for disaster before one hits your business

(NEENAH, Wis.) - Whether or not you live in a hurricane-vulnerable area, the beginning of hurricane season is a good reminder to review emergency and disaster plans for your business.

Disasters come in many forms - fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, terrorist threats, and more. Disasters can hit anyone at any time.

Start by letting someone else do the research
Is the thought of creating such a plan too much to think about? To make the task less painful for you, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers a free, downloadable Hurricane Preparedness Guide available at www.jewelersmutual.com. This concise, easy-to-understand guide will help you complete a business continuity plan that will work for many types of disasters. Because Jewelers Mutual is the largest insurer in the United States that insures only jewelers and jewelry, this guide is tailored specifically to your needs.

Insurance companies are disaster experts
Who would know more about the important components of a business continuity plan than an insurance company that has handled disaster losses for nearly a century?

Last year, teams of Jewelers Mutual claim professionals were ready to help after Hurricanes Gustav and Ike caused damage. Jewelers Mutual staff members and adjusters were on the ground in the hurricane regions as soon as entry was permitted to quickly handle claims and questions. Because speedy recoveries are critically important to policyholders, Jewelers Mutual's claim staff strives to resolve claims without delay.

Jewelers Mutual Claim Manager Don Elliott explained: "Our claims team was in Louisiana within hours of Hurricane Gustav's landfall, personally visiting 125 of our policyholders. Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas were hit the hardest, but our policyholders were well prepared for this storm because they took precautions to heart, and many had disaster plans in place."

Expert insight
Being the largest specialty insurer for jewelry and jewelers in the United States and Canada, Jewelers Mutual has a unique insight with which to assist jewelers. Its claim staff assists policyholders in filing claims and provides recommendations to protect property from additional damage. The Hurricane Preparedness Guide is a result of Jewelers Mutual's experience and dedicated resources.

"Every business should have an updated business continuity plan," urged Jeff Mills, vice president of Commercial Lines Operations at Jewelers Mutual. "If you don't yet have one, don't wait until it's too late."

To get your own copy of the Hurricane Preparedness Guide, visit www.JewelersMutual.com