Columnists Brad Simon Internet Marketing Strategies: Your Google Profile

Internet Marketing Strategies: Your Google Profile

Those who follow this column know I'm all for using Social Media websites to market your jewelry store. However, I don't jump on every Social Media website that comes along. In fact, I generally advise you to take your time and don't join a particular website until it's obviously successful and everyone else is doing it.

There are just too many Social Media websites out there to get excited about every new one that pops up. It takes too long to develop a meaningful presence on these websites and if that website doesn't take off, your time is wasted. So I wait. I learn what works and what doesn't. When I see that others are being successful, I jump in.

Last year when Facebook became the largest Social Network website, I jumped in with both feet and developed a profile, several pages, and two groups. Up until now, I've stayed away from Twitter. But Twitter has become the fastest growing Social Media website in 2009 and all the top internet marketing people are using it and sharing their success stories. So it's now time to start Twittering!

In spite of this, this article is not about creating pages and groups on Facebook, a Linked In Profile, how to start Twittering, or how to use any of the other successful Social Media websites. It's about setting up a Profile on a brand new Social Media website just started in April.

Why am I so excited about this new advertising opportunity and going against all that I've done and taught in the past? It can be summed up in one word - Google.

When it comes to anything that pertains to the Internet, what Google touches turns to gold. So when they announced that they are starting Google Profiles - I'm there and telling everyone to set their's up. (To see my Profile go to:

Now when you do a search in Google for a person's name, at the bottom of the first 10 organic results is what Google calls Profile Results. Anyone with that name who has set-up a Google profile will have a listing there including their picture, right where people are looking for it - on page one of the search results.

Your Google Profile looks quite a bit like Facebook. Coincidence? Probably not - but more on that in a minute.
So, to place your photo, with a link to your bio, on page one of Google's search results for your name, log into your Google Account, and click on "Create Profile". If you don't already have a Google account go to and create one, it's free.

Upload a current picture and add in all the information about yourself. By the way, we've found the more complete you make your profile, the more likely it'll show up in those Profile Results at the bottom of the page. Include too little information and Google may not display your profile at all. Also, be certain to verify your e-mail address or your Profile will not display.

You can also link from your profile page to your own websites. This means you can score a free and easy link from Google. But be aware that Google says links from profile pages won't help your rankings much unless your profile also has some inbound links of its own. So, while you are building links to your main websites don't forget to add a few links to your Google Profile page as well.

Google also provides handy links to the popular social profile sites, MySpace, Facebook, Classmates, and LinkedIn. This makes it easier for you to direct your admirers and snoopers to your strategically fact-filled and supportive profiles located elsewhere. The point is: when people want to know something about you, Be Smart! Make it easy for them to find the good stuff that presents you in a positive light.

Of course, this all helps you maintain your all important Internet Reputation Management. Purchasing jewelry is a trust issue. Consumers need to know they can trust you before they make a purchase. Today more and more consumers are turning to the Internet to search for company information and personal information. The best way to make certain they will like what they find about you and your employees is to use every opportunity to place your information out there for them to find.

Every jewelry store owner should set-up their Google Profile and encourage all employees to set-up theirs, listing their employment information and link to your store website (even more free links). Then whenever a customer is feeling a little uneasy about a purchase and Googles the salespersons name, their Google Profile with their smiling face is there to greet them.

So what's in it for Google? Glad you asked.

Once registered, Google begins the relationship. They know the urge to see yourself listed is enough to cause significant numbers of people to fill in their profiles, include their likes and locations. From there it's just another simple step to upload photos to Picasaweb, start using Gmail, Google calendar, YouTube, and so forth (all Google owned). No one ever accused the people at Google of being dumb!

Obviously, the possibilities for displaying targeted advertising are immense! The additional revenue stream alone is worth Google's time to develop this.

And, for anyone who's noticing this looks a little like the beginning of a Google "Facebook". All we can say is: Yes it does!

For more information on marketing your jewelry store on the Internet, getting higher search engine rankings, or using the Internet to keep in touch with your existing customers visit:

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