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1 Will your business be your nest egg? Sep 2014 David Brown
2 Every journey starts with a step - and a direction Aug 2014 David Brown
3 How to plan your future growth Jun 2014 David Brown
4 Understanding your Gross Return on Investment May 2014 David Brown
5 Is your inventory what you need for your long term goals? Apr 2014 David Brown
6 Narrowing your sales gap Mar 2014 David Brown
7 Do you remind yourself daily of your purpose for being in business? Feb 2014 David Brown
8 Are you ready for the most important month of the year? Nov 2013 David Brown
9 Keeping your expenses under control Oct 2013 David Brown
10 Think carefully before purchasing that next inventory item Sep 2013 David Brown
11 Making the most of every opportunity : How to manage your workload so the important gets done first Jun 2013 David Brown
12 What does a change in staff really cost you? May 2013 David Brown
13 How are your reorders? May 2013 David Brown
14 Setting your Selling Price for Maximum Profit Feb 2013 David Brown
15 The importance of maximizing your average sale Feb 2013 David Brown
16 Make the most of those busier shopping days Jan 2013 David Brown
17 Has your business had its annual servicing? Oct 2012 David Brown
18 You need a skilled fisherman to sink the biggest fish Oct 2012 David Brown
19 Buying well starts with planning well – 10 steps to making those vendor visits more enjoyable Sep 2012 David Brown
20 Is your business ready to sell? Aug 2012 David Brown
21 Your key business partners Jun 2012 David Brown
22 Building on Bridal Jun 2012 David Brown
23 Are you fitting a square peg in a round hole? May 2012 David Brown
24 Staffing – How to not put a square peg into a round hole Apr 2012 David Brown
25 What’s discount really costing you? Feb 2012 David Brown
26 Motivating your staff for a more profitable business Jan 2012 David Brown
27 Avoiding that Innovation Overload Dec 2011 David Brown
28 Managing your aged inventory – part II Nov 2011 David Brown
29 7 Steps to Manage Aging Inventory at full price Oct 2011 David Brown
30 The importance of a solid budget Sep 2011 David Brown
31 Make money from your repairs Aug 2011 David Brown
32 It’s time you got Lazy Jul 2011 David Brown
33 How are you handling the gold price? Jun 2011 David Brown
34 Profit vs Cash flow - what’s the big deal? May 2011 David Brown
35 The true cost of aged inventory Mar 2011 David Brown
36 It’s Trade Show Season – so, are you prepared? Feb 2011 David Brown
37 How are your New Year’s Resolutions holding up? Feb 2011 David Brown
38 Three good reasons why diamonds need to be the backbone of your business Nov 2010 David Brown
39 When did you last ask yourself what you really wanted from your store? Oct 2010 David Brown
40 We don’t always do what’s best for us Sep 2010 David Brown
41 Your customers don’t think “Cost Plus” and neither should you Jul 2010 David Brown
42 Do you need to buy that item right now? May 2010 David Brown
43 The importance of staff communication May 2010 David Brown
44 Setting your retail price – what’s cost got to do with it? Apr 2010 David Brown
45 Are you doing the $100 tasks? Mar 2010 David Brown
46 Reorder your way to a profitable 2010 Feb 2010 David Brown
47 Have you bought a job or do you own a business? Jan 2010 David Brown
48 Are you ready for Grand Final time? Dec 2009 David Brown
49 Dealing with vendors in-store Nov 2009 David Brown
50 You and your vendor – how to make the relationship work Oct 2009 David Brown
51 How to eliminate your aged inventory Sep 2009 David Brown

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