Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Heraldica Imports – creating family crest jewelry for 40 years

Heraldica Imports celebrates more than 40 years of creating heirloom-quality, family crest jewelry engraved by hand.

Mr. Cuchi, CEO of the company, started the business in 1967 selling directly to consumers. In the early ‘70s he expanded his distribution to include retail stores and, today, has more than 2500 jewelers across the US selling Heraldica product.

Heraldica Imports has been delivering high quality family crest jewelry for 40 years.
“We’ve been doing this for a long time and very few people engrave by hand anymore,” remarks Mr. Cuchi. “We engrave family crests into rings, pendants and cuff links along with engraving monograms in signet rings. We also engrave logos or monograms. We very well might be the only firm in the country devoted exclusively to the art of hand engraving jewelry.”

Heraldica Imports website, www.heralhouse.com, includes a last name search to display surnames and their corresponding coat of arms. If your family surname isn’t represented a simple request to the good folks at Heraldica sets the wheels into motion. They will check the registries for the oldest crest on record for your surname and send you the image for review before engraving.

Heraldica products are high quality and very dense. All castings are completely free of porosity which permits a highly detailed engraving. Rings are cast in one piece to fit the size of the owner.

Mr. Cuchi takes great pride in his European trained master engravers who were taught by their fathers the lost art of hand engraving. He has worked with the same group of engravers for decades and is proud to now employ the children of some of his engravers.

Be sure to visit the Heraldica Imports website meant exclusively for jewelers, www.heralhouse.com. If you’d like to visit his consumer site go to www.hearldica.com. You can reach Heraldica Imports by phone at 800-782-0933.