Columnists Ivan Levi Turn off the tube, and turn on opportunity! Three enjoyable ways to increase your motivation and sales

Turn off the tube, and turn on opportunity! Three enjoyable ways to increase your motivation and sales


Your parents warned you of it. Your high school homework suffered because of it. And now I'm going to repeat it!

"Turn off that television!"

OK, maybe not turn it off completely - but selecting what you watch could make all the difference in how successful you become.

If you consistently watch shows that tell you how awful the world is, guess what? That's your perception of the world. But if you watch inspirational programming that focuses on how people became successful, or how successful people continue to be successful, then all of a sudden the world doesn't look that bad.

And this newfound inspiration can greatly influence your jewelry store.

You have a choice when you have the remote control in your hand - you can use television to further your life and career, or not. I'm betting you want to be a success.

Top three ‘What to Watch' and ‘What Not to Watch' shows:

  1. "The Big Idea" with host Danny Deutsch. If you want to succeed then this show should be on your ‘Must Watch' list. Unbelievable motivation as the host interviews wildly successful people that often were just ordinary people that took control of their lives and made it big. I recommend this show in my seminars as an excellent way to align with successful people. And it works!
  2. "Biography" on A&E is a tremendous resource for learning the behind-the-scene facts of famous and successful people. Often we get bogged down in the daily grind and forget that we are all capable of mega-success. And yes, that includes you! Watching the techniques, styles, and strategies of the successful puts it within our own grasp. Learn from them.
  3. This last suggestion falls under the ‘What Not to Watch' category. Start limiting the amount of time watching news and real-life crime shows. These shows decrease your motivation level and don't offer inspiration - only doom and gloom - which is not a great way to start or end a successful day.

But wait, there's more!

I'll give you a bonus viewing suggestion. Start watching the shopping shows such as QVC an HSN as free training seminars on how to sell jewelry! Jewelry often dominates the shopping shows. And quite a few of the owners/creators/representatives are excellent sales people while some, unfortunately, are not. You'll spot the good from the bad - plus by watching the professionals sell their own jewelry, you'll get tips on how to sell jewelry at your store. It's free and enjoyable training at its best.

Television can be an excellent training and motivating tool - if you know how to use it. Be sure to watch the inspirational shows and limit the amount of news and doom and gloom shows. You'll be amazed at the exceptional sales training and motivation on television nowadays. Use it wisely.

And now a word from our sponsor...

Ivan Levi is a sales trainer and president of Ivan Alan SolutionsTM, a Chicago based company that understands the independent jeweler's subtleties that puts them in a league of their own. Ivan can be reached at 800-235-1918.


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