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Mia Katrin

Touring the Blogosphere

Mia Perez OctKaterina Perez, jewelry insider and explorer

hief of katerinaperez.com, garnering 50,000 followers and expanding rapidly. Based in London, she’s a fearless globetrotter, seeking the ultimate in world-class high-end jewelry. She recently was an award-presenter at the Couture show in Vegas and expert panelist at JCK Talks’ “Power of Blogging.” She regularly rubs elbows with top echelon jewelry editors and designers, highlighting top design and discovering and promoting emerging talent. Her cutting-edge fine jewelry-focused website reveals the importance of the emerging trend of the blogosphere where her deep passion and exuberance for all things gems and jewelry shines through.

I recently had the good fortune to interview Katerina and explore her fascinating world.

Mia Katrin: What exactly is a jewelry blogger? What makes your highly successful blog unique?

Katerina Perez: In the jewelry world there are not so many of us (bloggers). I specialize in show-stopping fine and high jewelry and gemstones, ‘behind-the-scenes,’ editorials, events and exhibitions reports. I am a jewelry insider and explorer who searches for aesthetics and emotions in jewels without restricting myself geographically.

MK: As an insider, how do you see the emerging profession of bloggers and its role in the industry, the future of blogging? You’re tremendously successful! Talk about your success and what you think has contributed to this.

KP: Five years ago blogging was not considered something serious. I’ve seen how the blogosphere has grown. Now top bloggers are super influential and earn a lot of money. I measure my success in the amount of people who embark on the bejeweled journey with me. This number is growing rapidly. More and more people recognize me, tell me that they follow me on Instagram or love my website. It’s so motivating!

Readers have to feel your passion for what you do. This inspires trust. I publish 4-5 times a week, covering the best jewels, so often have to turn down brands that want to be featured but are aesthetically different from those about which I usually write. Unfortunately when you have your own business and want it to grow you forget about holidays and weekends. But as Confucius said ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’

Mia Bayco Oct Mia Chan Oct

MK: What are some of the most fabulous gems and jewelry you’ve written about?

KP: I’m very lucky because I come across many mind-blowing gemstones and jewels. Jewelers know that I seek the best so they show me only their finest creations. The most memorable gem I have seen and written about is the 206-carat practically flawless emerald acquired by Bayco and ‘The Ethereal Carolina Divine Paraiba,’ the largest Paraiba tourmaline weighing almost 200 carats. A standout in fabulous jewelry is Wallace Chan’s necklace with emerald encrusted decorative elements placed, through a tiny hole, inside a carved quartz pendant. A seemingly physically impossibility, but not for Mr. Chan!

See more from Katerina Perez at: Instagram - @katerina_perez; Twitter - @KPerezNadeeva; Facebook - facebook.com/katerinaperezcom

Next time: A “day in the life” of a jewelry blogger, Katerina’s roots in St. Petersburg, Russia and her sources of inspiration.

Mia Katrin is an award-winning jewelry designer featured in over 80 top stores nationally. She is available for lectures and seminars. To add her Collections or book a lecture: www.jeweljewel.com, 877 539-3569, facebook.com/MiaKatrinforJEWELCOUTURELLC.

Selling the Dream - The Couture Experience

Mia Sept BordiaWhen Oscar de la Renta passed away in October 2014 it signaled to some the end of an era. Trained by Balenciaga, having worked for the iconic couture houses Lanvin and Balmain before founding his own eponymous firm, he dressed the international elite from Jackie Kennedy to, most recently, Amal Clooney, George’s wife, designing her wedding gown. Some have argued that as an institution couture is past its prime. But it sells a dream that’s very much alive and well.

What’s your Fantasy? New Trend Alert - Fantasy Jewelry!

Mia BullfinchesThere’s a fresh new wave coming and I’m all on board - Fantasy jewelry! It’s all about stretching the imagination, breaking the boundaries of perception, opening new vistas. You know that “wow” sensation when you see a piece that startles, excites and delights? “I’ve never seen that before. I’ve never even thought of that possibility!”

Cartier’s Nouvelle Vague, literally “new wave,” inspires with “free-thinking, joyful, playful and mysterious creations, seven creative universes” designed to celebrate the Parisian woman’s personality and her lifestyle (www.cartier.us/collections/jewelry/collections/paris-nouvelle-vague). Surprising bubble-like spherical rings and other edgy structural patterns with juxtaposed planes, unanticipated negative space, dangling and moving parts all push the envelope, challenging our expectations. Tiffany & Co.’s just released 2015 Blue Book, the Art of the Sea, also expands horizons with its fantastic swirling, fluid creations, bringing “the sea’s mythical creatures to life.” Francesca Amfitheatrof, design director, explains, “ I’ve woven the sinuous tentacles of the octopus into ribbon-like jewels of great fluidity and flexibility.” Amfitheatrof “sets Tiffany diamonds in electrifying motion - spinning in whirlpools, cascading in waterfalls and dancing like moonlight on the waves. Her jewels of colorful gemstones are equally dynamic - blossoming in undersea gardens and swirling like pebbles polished by wind and water.” (www.tiffany.com)

Designs that Sell! What’s hot. What’s not.

Have you ever wondered why some jewelry generates tremendous buzz while other pieces just sit in the case? What makes best sellers pop? A key element is design. Of course color, materials, quality and workmanship are important. But often what first grabs your customers’ attention is design. What are the features of winning design? How can you pick the winners and avoid the losers?

Designer Drama

Walk into any top jewelry store and you’ll meet designers. Not necessarily in person, but their presence is everywhere. From David Yurman and John Hardy to Pandora and bridal, designers rule. Top stores have multiple individual display areas featuring each designer, promote them on their websites and host Trunk Shows touting personal appearances. What makes designer jewelry hot and how can you cash in on this continuing lucrative draw?

Smart Pearls - Pearls of Wisdom

Chi Galatea Huynh, 21st century Renaissance man

Jewelry is becoming smart and Galatea’s designer Chi Huynh is pioneering the path forward. From Apple’s soon to debut computer wristwatch to fitness tracker bracelets and pendants, jewelry is becoming intelligent and interactive. Galatea’s new Momento collection (www.galateausa.com) uses patent-pending NFC technology, embedding a tiny chip within a Tahitian pearl, which can store voice messages and even video clips. Tapping the pearl to your smartphone activates the chip bringing your memories alive. The possibilities are endless.

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