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The next best question

I believe that sales and salesmanship is simply a matter of asking the right questions in order to determine what the customer’s wants, needs and desires are when it comes to buying jewelry. Further, I believe that in sales, there is always a next best question! Salespeople need to have a toolbox full of questions that they can pull out and use at the appropriate time with the appropriate customer and/or opportunity. A successful sales presentation should then follow the railroad track of next best questions. Your ability to communicate through asking questions, responding and reacting to the answers to your questions will have a direct relationship on your success in sales.

The most valuable time of your day!

I believe that the 20 - 30 minutes you spend setting up the store every morning is your most valuable time of day. You go into most jewelry stores while they are setting up and you will hear conversations about what happen on a date the night before, what plans people have for the weekend, where they eat dinner, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc. Those are all worthwhile conversations that build a team and create a fellowship amongst the staff. However, they can happen later in the day.

Let the customer know they are appreciated!

One of my pet peeves is the way that many sales people take the customer for granted. Once a purchase has been made, it is a common occurrence to hear; “here you go” -  “your receipt is in the bag” -  “if you have any problems call us,” or even worse, the customer will thank the salesperson rather than the salesperson thanking the customer.  All of these statements may show a lack of appreciation or sincerity as a last impression the customer has as they are leaving the store.  I want customers to feel as if they are the most important person on the planet when they leave a jewelry store.

Requests for discounts

How should I handle a customer’s request for a discount? A great question, but in order to answer it properly it is important to know whether your company allows discounting. Therefore, I will answer the question both ways, if you work in a store where you are not allowed to discount, and if you are working in a store where discounting is allowed.

Four areas where salespeople need knowledge & training

There are four basic areas where jewelry salespeople need to be knowledgeable, thus they need training in order to perform their job responsibilities.

Imagine an automobile with four tires.  Should one of the tires be low on air, or flat, the automobile would not run efficiently.  The same is true in sales; if one of these four areas is weak, then the sales presentation may take a turn for the worse.

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