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Read any good books lately?

It seems to me that most jewelry store owners, sales managers, and salespeople are working in their store or business, not necessarily on their store or business.  You may be asking, what is the difference?  Working in your business is simply reacting to the day-to-day happenings within the organization.  Most are waiting on customers, buying merchandise, accounting for the merchandise and the receipts of the day, displaying merchandise, creating and running advertisements and doing various promotions. Others are working on their business by proactively seeking new information, reading as many business books and trade journals as possible, attending educational seminars and actually growing the business.

Quit making excuses jewelry retailers!

It’s time to step it up and quit making excuses about the economy, the state of the industry, the building bust, etc. or you may find yourself stepping aside!  I say this with the highest degree of respect for the industry and the people within it. Further, I am writing this article because I believe in the independent retailer and the small businessperson of this country and want to pass along knowledge to help them not only survive, but to thrive.

Making cuts!

With the economic conditions that exist today, I keep hearing jewelry retailers talking about making cuts in order to maintain profit.  I agree you must make some cuts today in order to maintain a profitable company, however, a cut in the wrong place can kill your business.  Let me caution you - do not cut your lifeline or your training budget.  Your salespeople are, without question, the most valuable asset that you have.  They are the first, last and middle impression that a customer has of your business.

Selling jewelry in the current economy

No longer can a jewelry retailer sit back and wait for customers to come to them. A jewelry store owner can’t just build the ivory palace and hope for customers to come into the store. Sometimes they aren’t coming. Savvy jewelry retailers have to go out and get customers. As a jewelry store owner I would want to take a look at every advertising dollar that I spent and make sure that I am getting a sizable return on the investment. The owner of the store, or the marketing people, have to create selling opportunities.

The use of knowledge is power

Every successful professional jewelry salesperson has a tremendous level of confidence. In order to reach a high level of confidence, salespeople must possess and use their knowledge.  Remember the first time you used a spreadsheet program?  Or the first time you programmed your old VCR? You had the knowledge to use it, but you had to practice that knowledge to have it become second nature (well, VCR’s may never be second nature to some of us... thank goodness for kids!)  So, the title of this article should be “The Use and Constant Practice of Knowledge is Power!”

Set Goals - Increase Sales!

Setting goals is an important part in every aspect of one’s life. They provide us with, among other things, direction and motivation. People generally talk about two types of goals, short-term goals and long-term goals. In addition we will explore mid-range goals, which is an under used practice in terms of their importance. All three types of goals are important in the field of sales and we will discuss why they are, and how they interact with one another.