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The Retailer’s Perspective: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, here we go again.  It’s Christmas in the jewelry business.  If you’re keeping score, this will be the 6th Christmas season since the Great American Recession.  What will this Christmas season hold for all of the independent jewelry retailers out there?  Beats me, but I’m not as worried about it as I was the last several years.  That got me to thinking about how the Christmas season has changed since my first Christmas season - 36 years ago.

The Retailer’s Perspective: Two years and counting

Long ago, in another time and another place, people would walk into jewelry stores to shop for, and buy, jewelry and gift items.  They’d come in and look to see what you had in your showcases.  They’d try on the jewelry, and then they’d go home and think about it for a day or so.  And, in this magical place so far away, they might even go to another jewelry store to see what baubles they had to offer.  Then, the customer would make a decision and pull out their checkbook and purchase the above jewelry.  And everyone lived happily ever after… until now!

The Retailer’s Perspective: Chuck finds interesting things at the Atlanta Jewelry Show

October of 2008 was when it hit me.  That was when I knew it was gonna be bad.  Yes, I’m referring to the Great American Recession.  Nobody knew how to navigate that mess, but somehow a bunch of us made it out on the other side.  I was at the SJTA Show in Atlanta recently and talk

The Retailer’s Perspective: But... what if the customer IS wrong?

Seriously.  What if the person standing across the counter from you is clearly making a huge mistake? 

Yea, yea, I know the saying, ‘The customer is always right.’ I just don’t believe it half the time.  After decades of doing this kind of work, I’d like to think that I probably know more about this jewelry topic than the person across the counter.  That’s why they came to me in the first place!  Right?

The Retailer’s Perspective: Woo Hoo... I made a sale!

About darn time!  And, before I could properly celebrate, my online store made another one, then another one.  It’s true what they say; you always remember your first one.  It went something like this…

About two years ago I started to develop a new product to bring to the marketplace.  I’ve written about it here before, but mostly about the trials and tribulations of building the website, not the Facebook side of it.  For me though, the Facebook side is what’s gotten me the most attention out in the cyber world.  When we first set up the Facebook page, we got a few likes from those close to the project.  Then, you beg your family and friends to ‘like’ your page, and that’s good for about 80-100 likes.  But, in all reality, they only ‘liked’ it because they had to - and hoping I’d cut ‘em a good deal for liking it.

The Retailer’s Perspective: In the path of disaster

As we all watched the tragedy unfold in Oklahoma and the Midwest over the last couple of weeks, it reminded me of a similar situation I was in about 5 or 6 years ago.  So, I’m gonna take a break from the jewelry industry stuff and write about one of my other jobs - emergency response.  In that world I’m known as Sgt. Koehler, 3120, Metro Nashville Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, Emergency Support Unit.

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