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The Retailer’s Perspective: I can’t believe this happened

The Beginning

This true story started back in 1995. I was sitting at my front counter having lunch when he walked in. He was a big guy who kind of looked like Gary Busey. I picked up my lunch tray and set it in the back and asked him how I could help. He said his watch had stopped and he was hoping it was just a battery. We were chit chatting as I changed his watch battery and then it happened. He told me he owned an alarm company and the type of security system I had was very outdated and unreliable. I said that’s what was here when I bought the store and I wanted to upgrade. We did the deal and I loved my new alarm system and my alarm company. I’ve written about them many times throughout the years. And that was how our 21 year relationship started.

The Retailer’s Perspective: Why are you mad at me?

I was sitting at the front counter of my store, having a late lunch one day. It was the end of May, the sun was shining, and the landscaping looked spectacular out the front window. I was eating a chile relleno casserole that I’d made the night before. It’s always so much better the next day you know. Then she came through the door holding a bunch of papers in her hand.

The Retailer’s Perspective: This really happened

“Do you make jewelry?” said the young couple that walked into a jewelry store a couple of months ago.

“We do,” the owner said.

Then we all know what happens next. Out comes the smart phone that’s full of pictures from websites you’ve never heard of before. There’s black rhodium, there’s champagne diamonds, there’s the ‘Stones I’ve Never Heard Of-ite’s’, there’s about a thousand micro pavé set yellow diamonds and a thousand micro pavé set blue diamonds. There are halos with split shanks and halos with cathedral shanks. But, none of them are “perfect.” And this couple insists on perfection, and here they are, right in front of you. Oh joy of joys. Let’s get this party started.

The Retailer’s Perspective: I’ve got answers

A couple of months ago I asked for advice on how to attract the customers of stores in my area that were going out of business. I learned quite a bit and would like to share my findings with everyone.

Just to recap the situation, a couple of jewelry stores in my immediate market area chose to run going out of business sales this last Christmas season. I was at a loss over how to go about attracting their customers without appearing greedy or desperate. We have all been operating in the same geographic region for decades together with our own dedicated customer bases. We were able to do this by being very different from each other. Since these two stores were no longer going to exist in the future, I had lots of questions about what I should do. Here are some ideas if you ever find yourself in the same situation.