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The Retailer’s Perspective: Paul, Paul, Paul...

Thirty four months ago I didn’t know Paul very well.  Yes, I had very regular encounters with him.  But, for the most part I didn’t give him much thought.  He was just one of the people floating around at the edges of my life, omnipotent, but stealthy.  On the other hand, having owned my own company over 25 years, I knew Peter quite well.

The Retailer’s Perspective: What’s wrong with people?

Oh dear, where to start? Who gets the honor of being first today?

Picture the scene: It’s the first nice spring day of the year. We weren’t under any sort of weather watch or warning for the first time all spring and I’m sitting outside for lunch. I’m at a little table in front of my store eating a very unhealthy lunch when a guy walked up to me holding a Swiss Army watch. He apologized for interrupting my lunch (he probably saw what I was eating and was just trying to save my life) and said, “Are you an authorized service...”

The Retailer’s Perspective: A blessing or a curse?

I’ve lived in Nashville, The Country Music Capital of the World, for almost 25 years.  During that time, I’ve had the opportunity to know thousands of musicians, musician wanna-be’s, stars on their way up, stars on their way down, stars on the top, and stars on the bottom.  And one thing they all have in common is the seemingly endless jokes about them.

The Retailer’s Perspective: March again...

Two years ago this month the world as we once knew it came within minutes of total collapse. How it didn’t happen is beyond me. But, are we in the clear? Hah! Define ‘the clear.’

I’ve been in this industry since the ‘70s, and I’ll be damned if I know the answer. What used to be cool is no longer cool. What used to be hot is no longer hot. What used to be profitable is no longer profitable. What used to be normal is no longer normal. How’s that for a definition of the present tense?