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Graham Jewelry carrying on family traditions

When we hear the term ‘family-owned' in the jewelry industry, it almost seems commonplace. Everywhere you turn you hear stories of second, third and, occasionally, fourth or fifth generation families who've kept their jewelry business alive. We are not alone, however. Ninety percent of the 21 million U.S. businesses are controlled by families, according to MSN's Money Central. Family business is the backbone of our economy.

Unique Settings of New York

Saying "Yes" to special requests for 10 years

As Plato once said, "Necessity is the mother of invention." Unique Settings of New York knows first hand what it means to create solutions out of need. When four New Jersey retailers got together to discuss a ‘hole' in their supply chain, they left the meeting with a little more than they bargained for - starting a new company.

Nice Diamonds sets the standard for education and quality products

With the economic outlook still uncertain, today's consumers are searching for dynamic, meaningful jewelry on a budget. Fancy color enhanced diamonds may be just the answer. Natural fancy color diamonds account for less than two percent of the total rough diamond production, leading to high prices. Consumers are ready for a more realistic alternative. Nice Diamonds, a multi-faceted family run business, is ready to meet their needs.

Solidscape brings CAM to the little guy

Craving out a niche in one's local community can mean consistent, loyal customers and customization is one way to do that. Twenty years ago that meant wax carving which was cumbersome and time consuming. Today, technology has caught up with customer demand. Solidscape, Inc. produces two desktop machines designed to help jewelers create highly precise wax masters perfect for casting. For the local jeweler it is custom efficiency at its best; for Solidscape, Inc., it is a specialty.

The silver lining to the 2008 holiday season

You've heard the news. You've seen the stats. The 2008 holiday retail season will go down as one of the worst in three decades. With a 2.8% decline in sales, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), retailers across the country suffered through the loss of an astronomical $13 billion.

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