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4 reasons why jewelers fail Facebook & what you can do about it!

A recent survey by Pew Research revealed four top reasons why people ‘Unlike’ a Business Page on Facebook. When someone becomes a Fan by ‘Liking’ your Facebook Page you are provided with a powerful opportunity to continually place your marketing message in front of them.  When they Unlike your page you have failed, and lose this opportunity for your messages to show in their Newsfeed.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing Part 2

Last month we looked at the changes Facebook has made regarding Business Page and why Engagement Rates are diminishing. We started with a list of Don’ts, discussing methods that are no longer effective and things you should avoid doing on your Facebook page. This month we will continue our discussion with our Do list including the best content to post on your Facebook page, and what you should be implementing to make your Facebook Marketing more successful.

Facebook Marketing Dos

Do Post At Least Daily

While over half of Facebook users log on to Facebook daily, many of your Fans only access it a few times a week. If you don’t post on the day that they are viewing their Newsfeed, they will never see your information. In addition, for those that do log in daily it is good to have content for them to see each day.

Weekends are when most people spend time on Facebook, yet many jewelry stores do not post on these days when the store is closed. As a result they are missing out on the best opportunity for their Fanbase to see the information they are posting.

Studies show the best response rates are from pages that post at least once a day with a total of 10 to 12 posts a week. Posting more than 3 times in one day, or more than once in any one hour can be seen by some Fans as excessive, and cause them to unlike your page. So spread your posts out during the week and make certain to post at least once a day.

Make use of the schedule feature in Facebook to plan and schedule your post. This way you do not have to remember to log in at a certain time to make your post and you can schedule your posts on days that you are not at the store.

Do Use Pictures

To get your message read you need to grab your Fans’ attention. With over 1500 possible items in their Newsfeed, people tend to scan down their feed and stop to read only the items that catch their eye. Nothing catches their attention more than an interesting photo.

Images on Facebook receive 50% more interaction than text posts, which is why pictures dominate the Newsfeed with over 350 million photos added every day!  The visual impact you make is often the difference between your post receiving high engagement and being ignored.

Quality matters. Jewelry out of focus or snapshot quality images will not have the same effect as high quality photos. Vary your pictures from one item of jewelry to several items. Use different backgrounds to add interest, grab attention, and help convey your message. If all your pictures use the same drab background and are of the same style, your Fans will not be inspired to stop and read your message. Learning how to use Photoshop or some other photo editing program is the most valuable skill to have when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

Do Educate Your Fans

One of the primary objectives of your Facebook marketing is to establish you as a knowledgeable jeweler and the #1 premier jewelry store in your area.

Educate your Fans with information about jewelry. Let them know about the quality of your jewelry and what to look for when buying diamonds and jewelry.  Share fashion trends, and tips to care for their jewelry.

A little bit of selling here and there is great, but those marketers who do nothing but sell, sell, sell, are going to get ignored, dismissed and overlooked by consumers and prospects. To be successful on Facebook you need to provide more value. Share information that is relevant to your customers and they will gladly engage with your page and spread your knowledge virally with their friends and family.

Do Share Interesting History, Folklore, & Stories about Jewelry

Jewelers are among the most fortunate marketers on Facebook. We have an abundance of interesting information to share and our Fans are eager to learn. From interesting history of jewelry and diamonds to folklore about gemstones there is a never ending supply of fascinating stories to share with our readers.

Those of us who have been in the industry for a long time have heard these stories so often we no longer think they are interesting or that anyone else cares. But that is not true. Our Fans want to hear these stories.  That is why they liked our page – to learn more about the jewelry they love!

Do Build a List Outside of Facebook

Your Facebook Fans are a rented list, you do not own it. If Facebook would shut down tomorrow you would have no way to contact any of your Fans. In addition, with organic reach diminishing it is now vital to be able to communicate with your Fanbase outside of Facebook. Facebook is a fantastic media to reach new potential customers, but once you reach them you need to get them onto a list that you own.

E-mail addresses have traditionally been the contact data to gather. However, with e-mail open rates dipping below 20%, e-mail is no longer the powerful communication tool it once was. Today the preferred method of communication is Text Messages. With a 98% open rate there is no better way for jewelers to have important messages read by their customer base than a well-designed Text Campaign.

There are strict regulations and laws governing the building of your list and sending bulk text messages to your customers. The ideal method to gather cell phone numbers from your Facebook Fans and remain compliant with federal regulations and laws is to develop Mobile Campaigns such as Text-2Win, Text4Info, Text2Join, and/or Text4Coupon. Programs like Mobile4Jewelers.com makes it easy to set these up.

Do Use Facebook Ads

Facebook provides advertisers with the more demographic targeting information than any other online source. With over 72% of adult Americans active on Facebook, your market penetration rivals the best marketing media. Ad rates remain among the lowest of any online advertising platform with cost per engagement often below 10 cents, and $4 to $5 per thousand views. This all adds up to the best ROI for your marketing dollars.

In addition, with lower organic reach, Facebook ads is now seen as the best method to ensure your posts are seen and read by your customers and prospects. You don’t have to spend a lot of money either. A daily budget of $2 to $5 is very effective for most retail jewelry stores.

Facebook provides a number of ad choices and is constantly changing and updating the Ad Manager. Time spent to learn how to create and manage your Facebook Ads or hiring an agency like Internet 4 Jewelers is essential. There are a number of choices designed for ecommerce that can be a complete waste of money for brick-and-mortar retailers. Also, with the changes that Facebook continually makes, ad types that may have been successful in the past may no longer be effective. Staying current with these changes is key to your paid ad marketing on Facebook.

Brad Simon is co-owner of Internet 4 Jewelers and specializes in Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Local Search Marketing exclusively for retail jewelry stores.  For more information you can contact him at 864-680-4416 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Marketing Part 1

Is your Facebook Page receiving less activity? Have you noticed your posts are reaching fewer of your fans?

If so, you are not alone. The reason this is happening is because Facebook implemented major changes to business pages. These changes were necessitated by Facebook’s massive growth. There are now 1.3 billion Facebook users, and 757 million of them log onto Facebook every day, sharing pictures, links to websites, videos and other content. Over 4.75 billon items are shared on Facebook every day!

Internet Marketing Strategies: The 4 Biggest Mobile Marketing Mistakes


There are more mobile devices in the United States than there are people!  Mobile has a 102.4% penetration in the US.  In 2014, there will be more than 2 billion smartphones globally. Marketing on mobile devices is growing at an exponential rate and you don’t want to be left behind! 

However, before you go any further with mobile marketing you need to be aware of these common Mobile Marketing Mistakes and how to avoid them.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Pinteresting

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media websites ever. It is currently one of the top 5 most active and popular social media platforms on the Internet with over 70 million current members, and it continues to grow rapidly. 80% of Pinterest users are female, and fashion is one of the top topics viewed on Pinterest.  This makes it an ideal platform for any jewelry store.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most powerful online tools for small businesses today. From a business perspective, there has never been a better way to reach millions of people and expose your company to those who would have otherwise never heard of you.

Combined, Social Media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube have more than 3 BILLION users. With the massive amount of people using Social Media websites, there hasn’t been a better time for businesses to join in.

Social Media has opened up some new doors in terms of marketing to your local consumers. Most of them are using these Social Media platforms, so there is no reason why you should not put your store right in front of them.

Here are 4 additional benefits of using Social Media to market your jewelry store:

  • Social Media is here to stay.  With their simplicity of use and interactive social activities, Social Media has completely changed the way the world communicates and does business. With the rising combination of smartphone use along with computer use, Social Media websites are predicted to grow even larger. There is no reason to avoid Social Media websites on the assumption that these websites might one day go away.
  • More and more people are searching for businesses on Social Media websites. In fact, approximately 1/3 of consumers say that they usually search for and check out a company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter page before considering a purchase. If the company has no Social Media page, these customers typically move on and look for a company with a Social Media presence. When a business has Social Media webpages, it helps customers feel more at ease about purchases and in their mind, reinforces the company’s credibility.
  • Social Media helps your company get more online visibility. The more pages you have, the more likely your company will rank higher in the major search engines. Social Media websites already rank strongly in Google and other search engines. If you have a presence in the popular Social Media websites, not only will your Social Media accounts rank higher in searches, but they provide the Social Proof needed to push your company website higher as well.
  • The way consumers shop for products and services has dramatically changed, and Social Media websites play an important part. A majority of consumers research diamonds, jewelry and watches online before making a purchase. Most of these consumers become Social Media fans of the stores from which they purchase, and almost all would post positively on Social Media websites about their experiences with these companies.

While Social Media can be a great marketing tool for your company, you probably have questions about it and wonder whether or not it can really help grow your business. Whether you are already using Social Media or have yet to begin the journey, here are 6 answers to questions that many jewelers have concerning it:

1) I have never used Social Media. Isn’t it too late to get started?

There has never been a better time to get involved in Social Media. In fact, thousands of new users sign up for the major Social Media websites each week. Additionally, new concepts and tools are always being rolled out on Social Media websites, which drive in even more new users. It is never too late to get started.

2) I already have a good marketing plan. Why should I replace it with Social Media?

If your current marketing plan is working for you, there is no need to get rid of it. Instead, consider mixing your current plan with a combination of Social Media websites for better results. While it will take more time, the end results are well worth it as Social Media has the potential to drive in new business that you may not have reached otherwise.

3) Which Social Media websites should I use?

Currently, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and YouTube lead as the top Social Media websites. Although there are numerous other Social Media websites available, these major websites bring in the most traffic for retail jewelry stores. Once you have grown accustomed to how Social Media works, you can always expand to as many websites as you desire.

4) Once I set up my Social Media accounts, what do I do next?

One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses and retail stores is setting up their Social Media pages and forgetting about it. Social Media websites are very much “hands on.” Each website will offer you unique tools to help you, but these websites require dedication and effort.

Most important is to create in teresting and jewelry related content and post to your pages daily, 7 days a week. You also need to check your accounts daily and interact with clients and potential customers. Keep in mind that although this can be time-consuming, the end results are financially rewarding. 

5) How much does Social Media Marketing cost?

Aside from optional advertising costs, all Social Media websites are free for businesses to use. However, the cost involved in Social Media Marketing is found in the time spent to create daily posts for each Social Media website, monitor the activity, and interact with clients and potential customers. This cost can be personal time spent by the owner, payroll for employees, or fees paid to an outside marketing specialist.

6) How long will I have to work on my Social Media websites?

How much you put into your Social Media websites will determine your success. As a good rule of measure, you should spend time daily answering any questions, engaging with users, and creating new content.  Again, keep in mind that Social Media websites are time-consuming. Many retail jewelers have found it most economical to hire a Social Media Marketing Company that specializes in the jewelry industry to create the daily content, as this is the most time consuming.  Then utilize their time or a key employee’s time to monitor the discussion and answer any questions raised on the Social Media websites.

Patience is a virtue. Although it would be ideal if your Social Media presence could quickly grow on its own without any additional work from you, the fact is that building up a trustworthy Social Media presence takes time and dedication.

Brad Simon is co-owner of Internet 4 Jewelers and specializes in Local Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Mobile Marketing exclusively for retail jewelry stores.  For more information you can contact him at 864-680-4416 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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