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Internet Marketing Strategies: Facebook contests

Facebook allows businesses to hold Contests, Sweepstakes, and Quizzes on their Facebook Business Page. Facebook calls these events “Promotions”. Anytime Facebook makes reference to a Promotion in their terms of service, guidelines, or rules and regulations it is concerning a Contest, Sweepstakes, or Quiz.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Social media out-performs search engines!

Since nearly the inception of the Internet, organic search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have been the go to source for reaching consumers and driving traffic to your website. As recently as 2013, search engines provided 41% of overall visits to websites and Social Media was responsible for only 16%.

In 2014, the tables turned. During the 3rd quarter of 2014 Social Media drew even with search engines in sending referral traffic to websites. Both categories finished September in a dead heat at 29% of all referral traffic.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Hyper-targeting with Facebook paid ads

During the past eight months Facebook has been quietly re-designing its Ad Platform. While media attention has been focused on changes in privacy settings and changes in organic reach, the biggest change on Facebook for small businesses during the past year has been the transformation of Ad Manager. Because these changes were often small adjustments or additions made over time, they went unreported or overlooked, but the cumulative effect is huge.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Does your Social Media suffer from CDD?

CDD is that scary disease known as Content Deficit Disorder! It is where Social Media pages like your Facebook page does not have consistent quality content posted to it daily. CDD is the leading cause of Social Media marketing failure!

Not everyone is online and active on Social Media websites like Facebook at the same time. For this reason it is imperative to have fresh new content added every day, especially on the weekends and holidays when more people are actively engaged on social media. If your jewelry store’s posts are sporadic and hit-and-miss, then you will not be as successful as you could be.

Internet Marketing Strategies: 7 shopping days jewelry stores must know about this holiday season

While other holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are great for giving gifts of jewelry to loved ones, there is no better holiday to promote your jewelry, watches and other gift items than Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day remain by far the major gift giving holidays in the United States, and jewelry remains a prime gift giving item.

While the time leading up to Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas Eve is important to advertise and promote your jewelry store, there are 7 days in particular you need to know about and customize special marketing messages and/or promotions for them.

Internet Marketing Strategies

4 reasons why jewelers fail Facebook & what you can do about it!

A recent survey by Pew Research revealed four top reasons why people ‘Unlike’ a Business Page on Facebook. When someone becomes a Fan by ‘Liking’ your Facebook Page you are provided with a powerful opportunity to continually place your marketing message in front of them.  When they Unlike your page you have failed, and lose this opportunity for your messages to show in their Newsfeed.

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