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Rocket fuel of success

There is a dynamic secret in the retail industry that is rarely being used. Many that strive for success have heard about it – but fail to incorporate it into their daily business lives. Yet it’s qualities are so business altering that even in the deepest gloom it has proven to be an elixir for victory.

And you possess this secret at this very moment. What is it? Taking daily action.

I call action the rocket fuel for success – you’ll call it exactly what your retail business needs! It’s as if you have a rocket sitting in the middle of your store that’s just waiting to take your sales to the next level – all you need is the right fuel. And that fuel is action.

You might say, ‘But I DO take action all day long! I call customers that have issues, I am constantly selling on the floor, I’m dealing with vendors, and...”

Yes, but that is ‘putting out fires’ type of action. I’m talking about pro-active actions, such as:


  1. Calling your clients just to make sure they still love the product you sold them.
  2. Writing them a note to let them know you are thinking of them... And about the new piece of jewelry that you just got in that you know they will love.
  3. Creating a file on each of your clients so that you know their important dates, along with their likes and dislikes.


What?! Who has time for all of that warm and fuzzy stuff?? I barely have time to make calls and fulfill my obligations each day!

I will state this very simply: You had better make time, my friend. Personalized service is the secret to surviving and succeeding in today’s market. Even in the darkest moments of American history, during the 1930s, there were successful businesses that thrived.

Did they change their strategies? Yes.
Did they make it all about the client/customer? Yes.
Did they focus on giving extraordinary service? Yes.

When other owners and salespeople are frozen in their tracks with slashed budgets for any extras, you can take immediate action starting with the three examples above. And best of all - it works.

Don’t fret and wring your hands with despair if you find sales waning - rather, take action while taking control of your sales. It’s up to you. Your rocket ship to extraordinary sales is waiting for the right fuel. Now is the time to take control, take action, and take off!

Ivan Levi is a sales trainer and president of Ivan Alan Solutions™, a Chicago based company that understands the independent jeweler’s subtleties that puts them in a league of their own. Ivan can be reached at 800-235-1918.

Need business? Go fishing in your own pond

Do you want to do more business than you ever dreamed of, with less effort, and have more fun than you have ever had? It's easy, and the greatest part is that you have already done most of the work!

I'm going to let you in on a secret: You already have a pond stocked with customers, and they are just waiting for you to get their attention! They already know and trust you; it's just a matter of taking a hard look at your customers' needs.

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