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Internet Marketing Strategies: Video Hosting

Without a doubt the single most effective online marketing method is Video.  Short video ads about your store posted on various video hosting websites has a better chance of getting top rankings in Google than any other type of webpage.  In addition, posting your video on multiple hosting websites provides you the opportunity of getting multiple listings in the search engines.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Gaining new customers thru Local Search Marketing

How many of you would like to have more customers in your retail store?

If you wanted new customers in the past there were two main sources in which to advertise. They were the newspaper and the phone book.

It has been said that someone has written a book about the past two years in the retail jewelry industry, and the book starts with chapter eleven. Now, if you think that the retail jewelry industry has had it tough in the last couple of years, imagine being in the daily newspaper industry. Daily newspaper advertising is going away. This is not going be a source for us anymore.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Mayday Alert - Do you have a quality website?

Internet Marketing is constantly changing. To be successful when marketing online you need to keep informed and make improvements in your marketing plan when those changes affect you. Google typically makes 400 to 600 changes a year in their algorithms, effecting how they rank websites in their searches.  Many of these frequent updates have little affect on the typical website.  However, sometimes a Google algorithm change is substantial enough that it not only affects a majority of websites, but also signals a change to the future of search engine rankings.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Social Change

The Internet is constantly changing and evolving and that fact has never been more evident than the past few months. Not only has the Internet become more Social, Social Media websites have made some major news headlines. In case you missed them, here are a few of the major ones that have an effect of your business marketing.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Links, Citations, and Reviews

Ever since Google improved their Maps a few months ago, getting listed in their 7 pack has become one of the best ways for local retail stores to be found online.  In my February column I wrote about how to claim your listing and how to complete your company description in Google’s Local Business Center which supplies the information about your business in Google Maps.

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