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Need business? Go fishing in your own pond

Do you want to do more business than you ever dreamed of, with less effort, and have more fun than you have ever had? It's easy, and the greatest part is that you have already done most of the work!

I'm going to let you in on a secret: You already have a pond stocked with customers, and they are just waiting for you to get their attention! They already know and trust you; it's just a matter of taking a hard look at your customers' needs.

Social Advertising Campaigns - Part 6

brad simonWith the explosion of Social Media over the last few years it has become more and more difficult to reach your target audience simply by posting to your page and trusting organic reach to do the rest. Today you must include at least some paid advertising to get your message out and seen by potential customers.

Social Advertising Campaigns - Part 5

Social Media Advertising has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. In just a few short years online advertising has become an essential part of any business’ marketing plan, and Social Networks are today the preferred online advertising media.

Instead of waiting for consumers to get around to preforming a search before they make a purchase, Social Media Advertising helps businesses find new potential clients by using users’ shared information to identify interest. Rather than reactively targeting users who search a certain term, Social Media Advertising proactively targets relevant users before they even begin their search.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Social Advertising Campaigns - Part 4

Social Media Advertising isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It’s a real, tangible driver of leads and sales, and companies are increasing their social ad spend across the board in response. Social networks are filled with hundreds of millions of consumers. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage?

Internet Marketing Strategies: Social Advertising Campaigns - Part 3


The world’s most popular social networking platforms certainly have changed over the years, and they will undoubtedly continue to change as time moves forward. Old social networks will die, and popular ones will be forced to evolve as fresh new options appear with innovative technology. We have moved on from the days of MySpace to a social media era now dominated by all sorts of social mobile apps.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Social Advertising Campaigns - Part 2

In today’s business world, Social Media Marketing is a strategy that no company can afford to ignore. As we discussed last week there are distinct advantages to incorporate Social Media Advertising Campaigns into your overall marketing plan. However, with new Social Media platforms popping up every day, it is difficult to decide which networks your company should spend the energy and money on to maximize your marketing efforts.