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Internet Marketing Strategies - Why people don’t “like” you? Part 1

You worked hard on your Facebook page and expect to see rapid growth in your Fanbase.  After all, your store carries the finest jewelry and watches in the area and your service is unparalleled.  With Facebook having over 1 billion users, surely your pages should have thousands of fans.

Unfortunately there are reasons you don’t get the likes you think you deserve.  In this article we will explore some of the major reasons why people do not like your page and why if they have liked you in the past they unlike you now.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Internet offers Part II

Last month we took a look at a new method to use the Internet to drive consumers into your store.  We then discussed the popularity of this method as well as creating and designing the Internet Offer.  This month we will continue with the important details of publishing and promoting your Internet Offers.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Internet offers Part 1


If you are a regular reader of my column, you know that Internet Marketing is constantly changing.  What worked last year may not work now. Learning about and taking advantage of new methods to reach consumers on the Internet and more importantly get them to come into your store is an ongoing challenge.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Customer Appreciation Sale

The ultimate marketing sin is taking your customers’ loyalty for granted

A Customer Appreciation Sale is just what it sounds like.  It’s giving your clients something to show that you really do appreciate their business.  Your customers are the most important thing to your company (you’d be out of business without them), so let them know it.  Leading up to Christmas, we have the perfect opportunity to do this, and that’s at Thanksgiving.  Here are suggestions to hold a Customer Appreciation Sale at your store.

Internet Marketing Strategies: Planning your online Christmas promotions

While other holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are great for giving gifts of jewelry to loved ones, there is no better holiday to promote your jewelry, watches and other gift items than Christmas. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day remain by far the major gift giving holiday in the United States. 

Internet Marketing Strategies: A coded message

There is a new tool available to retailers today that can help you to market your store and bring in new customers as well as make shopping in your store more interactive and enjoyable.  It is the ultimate Swiss-Army knife for retailers.  This tool works around the clock providing quick responses to your customers and prospects. What is this amazing new device that will seemingly do everything for you except clean the showroom cases?