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Internet Marketing Strategies: Facebook Marketing:

Are you getting it wrong?  Part I

As Facebook quickly approaches one billion active users, it is becoming an essential marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.  Jewelry stores are using social media and Facebook in particular to attract new business and connect with customers – but many are finding it to be nothing more than a great waste of time!

Internet Marketing Strategies: Mobile Marketing

People love their mobile phones and are spending more time on them ever before.  Whether you’re walking down the street or inside a shopping mall, sitting in a coffee shop or at the airport, half the people around you are looking down at their cell phones.  It’s like the Internet is starting again, but with a smaller screen. This isn’t just a temporary fad that is going to fade away. Mobile Marketing is here to stay!

Internet Marketing Strategies: Changes at Facebook that affect your marketing

The Internet is constantly changing and major changes that affect your business can happen at any moment.  I write these columns over a month in advance of the time that you read them in order to have the publication laid out, printed, and mailed.  Due to this time delay vast changes can happen with Internet Marketing between the time I write an article and you read it.