Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Key Items introduces new bridal line - B by Bliss

When Key Items set out to become a reliable, diamond jewelry resource for small independent jewelers 14 years ago, they made a commitment to listen to the needs of their customers. Providing price point sensitive products became the hallmark upon which every business decision would rest. But as requests for a mid-to-low range bridal line grew, Key Items decided to comply. Today they proudly introduce their new bridal line called B by Bliss.

Based on consistent, repetitive customer feedback, Key Items began discussing what a bridal line might look like several months ago. As their retailers continued to express a need for a bridal line that delivered the most punch for the dollar, Key Items executives went to work on creating a smart, impressive new line.

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The B by Bliss bridal line consists of over 100 styles and continues to grow.

“We know that bridal customers are looking for contemporary styling with a quality finish. We also know that presentation plays a big part in what attracts a customer, as it is closely tied to how proud they feel about their engagement ring,” remarks Krish Jhaveri, Key Items chief operating officer. Krish knows the importance an engagement ring holds for women and says, “we wanted to provide retailers with a line that bridal customers could relate to.”

B by Bliss understands that many couples research bridal purchases at multiple retail stores as well as online, and that little, if any connection occurs between the product and the purchaser when the identifying factor of a ring is a style number or key code. Those methods of identification simply don’t speak to the emotion involved in a bridal purchase.

Wanting to tap into the many moods that brides experience, Key Items created a name for each piece that would resonate in the heart of a woman. Each name represents an attribute of a romantic relationship. B passionate is one style, B ecstatic is another. B divine, B romantic and B mine are also a part of the collection. In all, B by Bliss incorporates over 100 different bridal styles and they keep growing.

“Our goal in naming each piece is to build a bridge between the bride’s mental state and the product,” states Krish. “We’re committed to creating a lasting impression on bridal customers so that they can walk into their local retailer and ask for their favorite piece by name.”

Having confidence in the fact that retailers know how to sell romance, Key Items wanted to give them better tools with which to sell. Because bridal shoppers usually don’t buy on their first visit, taking a card with an item number on it doesn’t resonate with the couple. Key Items believes a memorable name coupled with extensive marketing tools will allow the jeweler to maximize the conversion to actual sales.

With custom displays that start as small as 2.5 feet and hold 30-40 pieces, B by Bliss is easy to incorporate in even the smallest stores. Custom branded packaging and pre-printed, seasonal flyers make the marketing side of the line a breeze.


After much market research B by Bliss, Key Items new bridal line, was created in response to customer demand for a mid to low end bridal line with a rich look. Custom displays, packaging and flyers are provided to ensure rapid turnover.

“For first-time customers we give them 1000 store branded flyers free to announce their launch. Then, depending on their marketing strategy and budget, we offer them highly subsidized print and digital marketing solutions,” states Krish.

B by Bliss pricing starts at $750 retail and goes up to $4000. Center stones begin at 1⁄4 carat up to 3⁄4 carat, woth built in flexibility for the customer to choose shape and size. All products are certified by EGL USA and come with color, clarity, description and retail replacement value. The collection is available in pre-set or as semi-mounts in both 14 and 10 karat yellow and white gold.

“We want to reassure retailers that we understand the challenges you face with bridal customers and we’ve researched what styles are going to sell,” says Krish. “We’ve included what we call show-stoppers to give customers a ‘wow’ factor, but we specialize in repeat sellers by turning classics into something fresh and new.”

Key Items started accepting orders for B by Bliss at the JCK Las Vegas Show and the response has been tremendous. Visit their website at www.Bbybliss.com or call 888-KEY-ITEM.