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Health Care Option planned by new JA leadership

One of the many new initiatives that Jewelers of America (JA) is working on is providing a health insurance option for the trade association’s 3,200 members. This is part of new president & CEO David Bonaparte’s initiative to offer member benefits with broader appeal to increase the group’s numbers. As the trade association’s new leader, David will also work on recruiting more suppliers and manufacturers while continuing Matt Runci’s work on responsible sourcing and business practices.

Jeweler helps Soldier with Secret Op

Creating a custom jewelry design has its share of challenges. But when the customer is roughly 6,800 miles away from the store, located in an active war zone in Afghanistan where Internet blackouts are frequent and lengthy, e-mail is the only method of communicating and the customer also wants help planning a surprise marriage proposal, a custom job can become a major undertaking.

Corinne Herbst - A life well lived

This past January the fine jewelry industry said goodbye to a true gem. Thirty-year industry veteran Corinne Herbst, lost her gallantly fought battle with cancer leaving her family, co-workers, clients and friends sad, but grateful for her contributions to their lives. Corinne’s love of gemology, unique jewelry design and her passion for hand-created art culminated into an upscale, eclectic gallery that has become a mainstay in downtown Decatur, GA. But it is Corinne who has endeared herself to her Decatur neighbors.

From SEAL to Shining Gems

Ralph “Lish” Morgan went from being a Navy SEAL (Sea Air and Land) to a gemologist in 1987. When he talks about his special assignments in far-flung destinations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Venezuela and Sri Lanka, Ralph wasn’t armed with modern government-issued weaponry. He had the most advanced portable gemological equipment to complete what he calls “high-value gemological missions.” 

In the Pink - The Morganite Millionaire

Dr. Christopher W. Hartnett does everything in a big way. From pioneering a multi-million dollar company offering world-class gems for investors, International Gemstone Partners LLP, to forming USA Global Link, a multi-billion dollar telecommunications company, his vision is always global.

Recently I spent a fascinating afternoon enjoying a private showing of Dr. Hartnett’s exceptional world-class treasures from the vault as he traced his professional history.

Lessons from a seasoned veteran

In a society that values independence, speed and self-reliance, aspiring newbie’s in the industry may benefit from following a different business model; one of patience, apprenticeship and partnership. Barney Gilley, Sr., the 88 year old owner of Gilley’s Jewelers in Big Gap, VA, knows a thing or two about hard work, patience and running a successful business, and he’s willing to share his 60+ years of expertise with all of us.

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