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David Douglas Diamonds - Douglas Meadows success earned the hard way

It hasn’t always been easy for Georgia jeweler Doug Meadows. In fact, he’s seen some pretty dark times. Unlike other retailers who seamlessly moved from protégé to owner without so much as a blip, Doug’s jewelry career took a dip, actually several dips, that left him questioning himself and his future. But with the help of some amazing industry colleagues and Doug’s desire to make it work, he is now reaping the rewards of his commitment to his store, his community and this industry.

New silver initiative salutes military vets

J4V-Ariva-July(NEW YORK) - The Silver Promotion Service (SPS) has partnered with select Savor Silver brands in organizing a special silver jewelry collection to benefit the Jewelers for Veterans Foundation (J4V), an industry organization dedicated to connecting US Military Veterans with employment, training, and education within the jewelry industry. The collection, titled ‘Silver Salutes the Service’, currently includes jewelry by ARIVA Living in Fine Jewelry, Cynthia Gale Jewelry, Frederic Duclos, Phillip Gavriel, Rotenier, The Samuel B. Collection, and Thistle & Bee.

Marthe Le Van bridges the gap between art and jewelry at Mora

There’s more to jewelry than just gems, and there’s more to art than just the abstract. Like the facets of a fine stone, passionate jewelry people recognize the many levels of aesthetic appeal woven into a well-designed piece of jewelry. Self-professed designers and acclaimed jewelry artisans extol the creative virtue intrinsic in every ring, bracelet, or pair of earrings molded by human hands. It is a nod to an unspoken desire to participate in the lives of their customers, to contribute to the significant. Jewelry is about significant moments, significant people, and significant emotions.

StarCraft going out of business: Hosting liquidation sale

(WASHINGTON, N.C.) - If you have been buying gold the last few years and have a cash surplus built up, you might want to make a trip East, as in Eastern, North Carolina. StarCraft is closing its doors after 32 years of serving the Southeast and beyond. StarCraft will be liquidating inventory, equipment and models during its going out of business sale.

On the Road with Rob Phillips - The Techie Road Warrior

Galatea’s Chi Huynh takes The Techie Road Warrior to Vietnam

My previous article discussed the cloud fax services that allow you to always be in touch, and with the convenience of all your mobile devices. This time I am going to share an adventurous experience on the road that also turned out to be very inspirational and moving. The destination is Vietnam!

‘Little John’s’ Big Success

John Tan and his wife Melissa, owners of Little John’s Derby Jewelry & Pawn, are retail rebels of sorts. They manage and market their Louisville, Kentucky-based jewelry store in ways that are counter-culture to the steadfast advice of retail jewelry experts. Chief among their nonconformist tendencies are positioning their store’s merchandise by price points and airing TV commercials that are unconventional to say the least. 

For Simply Diamonds & M.A. Reich acquisition, it’s ‘all about the team’

“Acquisition” is not a word that typically evokes warm feelings, even in the jewelry industry. But when relationships go way back, as they have for Simply Diamonds and M.A. Reich, it’s about more than business.

Diamond jewelry manufacturer Simply Diamonds, a division of Jay Gems in New York, recently purchased M.A. Reich  & Co.’s wholesale and manufacturing division. M.A. Reich, founded in 1919, is one of the oldest manufacturers of colored stones and men’s fine jewelry. The company’s President Vinnie Davis and Vice President Bill Reich remain with the company, working out of a four-person satellite office in Buffalo, N.Y., which will focus on marketing aspects.