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Restoring a piece of gun history

A bench jeweler most of his career, Scott Patrick has made creating custom jewelry for other people his life’s work. Rarely in the last 40 years has he made time to do any custom design work for himself. That all changed this summer when he dusted off an old World War I era pistol he got as part of trade back in the 1970s.

Berkley Asset Protection: Specialization, expert staff are the keys to early success

Berkley Asset Protection has grown strong since its inception just five years ago. It’s a young company with a venerable foundation as part of W.R. Berkley, which was founded in 1967.

The idea behind forming Berkley Asset Protection centered on providing specific market knowledge – and seeking out the insurance industry’s leading professionals to join the team.

Joe Koen and Son Jewelers - family business thrives for 130 years

Ask corporate CEO’s their opinion of families within a business and controversy ensues. Visions of public meltdowns and divisions within families fill their heads. But the fine jewelry industry beats to a different drum. Family businesses are common and longevity respected.

Just ask Brad Koen of Joe Koen and Son Jewelers, the oldest family-run business in Austin, Texas. As the fourth generation of Koen’s to operate the family business, Brad and his brother Bill live every day in a world created by their great grandfather. Just the name of their company garners respect and credibility earned through 130 years of continuous, successful business.

Jewelers’ Christmas Sales Predictions

As Christmas approaches, store owners have certain price-point driven brands, designers and jewelry types they’re confident will sell well. But the common underlying theme for this Christmas season is diamond pendants as top sellers. Estimates for average tickets of all jewelry sales this holiday season will range from $250 to $500, with a sweet spot from $325 to $375.

Amipi takes business by the horns in offering retailers quality diamonds and straightforward value

Amipi gives no bull; Amipi accepts no bull. And that’s no bull.

Sign on to the diamond supplier’s website, and a big, bold bull looks you in the eye. It’s part of the culture at Amipi, which declares as its philosophy: “We don’t play games, we don’t lie... We always say it like it is.” The company says it offers:

Tim Watts aka ‘The Brave Retailer’

Like his father before him, Tim Watts devotes his life to his retail jewelry store in Thomasville, Alabama. Thomasville is a small town of only 5000 where Watts’ customers and employees have been with him for more than 30 years. As the only jewelry store in town, Watts Jewelers became the target of two armed robbers on August 9th. But it’s Tim’s smart response that changed the outcome.

A jewelers guide to contemporary night vision watches

After being involved in the jewelry industry as a manufacturer’s rep & retail store liquidator for over 30 years, I suffered a devastating stroke in my left eye in 2006, effectively limiting my reading and jewelry examining vision to my right eye. Although I had worked with many fine watch brands over the years, I set out to determine the best and brightest current watch models for people of limited or impaired vision as well as the general public.