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Jeweler helping female teen chase her racing dreams

Hickory, NC-based Oz’s Jewelers sponsoring racing phenom Annabeth Barnes

It’s not often a boy gets to learn jewelry repair and automotive care in the same garage, but Oz Hefner did. Growing up in Hickory, NC guaranteed him exposure to racing, but when the father of a good friend showed him automotive repair in the same garage where he taught Hefner how to size a ring, the high school boy was hooked. His love for cars and a desire to work with his hands came together in a life-changing way and, today, Hefner proudly operates Oz’s Jewelers, an almost 30 year old retail jewelry business.

LoveCraft – the new face of StarCraft

What does a manufacturer do to help their customers sell more? Branding, branding and more branding.

StarCraft is taking their retailers and their business to the next level by introducing the LoveCraft jewelry line. The LoveCraft brand will become the new face of this 30 year old manufacturer in order to offer retailers a brand that not only resonates with their consumer, but also offers value and immediate emotional recognition.

Right of the dot: Jewelers embrace a new and distinct home on the Internet

There’s a new age on the horizon for businesses marketing themselves on the Internet, and jewelers are poised to take advantage.

“Right of the dot” in domain names traditionally has been .com, .net, .org and country codes such as .us for the United States. But coming soon, all of that will change after ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, decided to expand the extensions to an unlimited number of more creative and industry-specific extensions  – including “.jewelers.”

Pate-Davis Jewelers Old world elegance meets contemporary country color

“I was on top of the world.” Bill Davis recalls his first sale, an onyx and gold bracelet. His grandparents carefully watched their aspiring 12-year-old protégé clinch the deal at Pate Jewelers in McKenzie, TN. “The customer entered, a large fellow, dressed unassumingly in overalls and a flannel shirt. He needed the gift for his daughter.” It was the start of an illustrious career.

Schnack’s family business spans 146 years, 6 generations

When Carl R. Carstens joined the family business in 1953 after serving in the Army, he knew he was walking into a family legacy. C.A. Schnack Jewelry Company first appeared in 1865 in Alexandria, Louisiana shortly after the Civil War ended when Carl A. Schnack, a German emigrant watchmaker, bought the business from two Scotsmen.

Pat Cassedy retires from Cas-Ker after 40 years in the business

Pat Cassedy began working at Cas-Ker when he was 16 as a part-time employee. His family owned the wholesale distributor of watch supplies and, as the third generation to work there, he would have to earn his stripes the same way everyone else did. Oh, he tried working outside the industry when he was in college, but that didn’t last long.

At Goldstein Diamonds, they’re in the business of having fun

An orange cat in a purple wig and lime-green glasses selling diamonds? Seriously?

No! That's the point, says David Goldstein, owner of Goldstein Diamonds, whose fancy feline has been the star of a successful advertising campaign. “When I say we’re bringing the fun back to doing business, I mean it. It’s got to be fun.”

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