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JCK: A ‘Good Show’ for retailers and vendors

In its second year at the Mandalay Bay, the 21 percent increase in attendance for the JCK Las Vegas Show over two years was a part of what created a consensus among buyers, exhibitors, and show organizers that the overall mood of the show was upbeat and positive. Buyers and exhibitors alike at this year’s show are increasingly optimistic about the economy. But retail jewelers for the most part were fairly cautious about making orders, strategically buying bridal with a focus on traditional styles.

LaserStar leads the way in Hot Light

Leave it to the leading laser manufacturer to improve on a good thing. LaserStar, a driver in marketplace innovation of laser welders, continues to push the edge by expanding product capabilities and developing advanced features on their latest products, all while reducing the out of pocket cost for retailers. Understanding that retailers need tools to build additional revenue streams beyond finished goods sales was a driving factor when developing new product, and today retailers of all sizes are the beneficiary of a company that cares.

Watches & Waves

Let’s face it, with the introduction of battery-powered timepieces more than 50 years ago, the true art of watch making has become a rare thing. Most modern watchmakers service current or recent production watches. It is becoming increasingly rare to find one who builds mechanical watches from scratch. Edward Wright and his father, “Spyder,” are true horological artisans with a love for all things mechanical. The father/son team enjoys a passion for vintage timepieces, respecting the discipline and talent that went into their construction. But this family also shares another common love - the ocean.

Jewelers getting some justice

Retail jewelers are all about love. But they certainly aren’t getting any from criminals looking to make a fast buck. Although some crime statistics against jewelers are showing signs of leveling off and even coming down, it’s troubling that spending $200 to $300 on cutting wheel tools at a Home Depot can place even a motley crew on the same level as the pros.