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Elisa Ilana’s new wholesale division enjoying early success

Milestones in a business serve as a reminder of how it all got started. When Laurie Langdon added a wholesale division to Elisa Ilana jewelry last year, she knew the days of working nights and weekends, turning a calling into a career, had finally paid off. As president and CEO of her Omaha, Nebraska-based company, Laurie’s wholesale jewelry division is quickly gaining traction with retail jewelers at the industry’s major shows including a first-time exhibitor at the June JCK Las Vegas Show. 

Moore, OK jewelers count their blessings

Glenn and Tim Lewis are true Oklahomans committed to calling the “Sooner State” home. But living in “tornado alley” comes with its share of risks, which the brothers and co-owners of Lewis Jewelers willingly accept. 

Even with a deeply-rooted commitment to the land, and an inherent sense of rugged individualism that’s almost genetic in this part of the nation, nothing could have prepared the Lewis family, friends and members of the Moore, Oklahoma community for two major tornadoes in 11 days in May.

Sergio Pages and his crazy life

Sergio Pages was a big man. With a 64 inch waist and a weight of almost 400 pounds, he was not only big in business but in stature as well. He’d built a successful multi-million dollar retail jewelry business in Tampa, Florida and was the face behind the brand. With TV commercials and radio ads made by him, it was hard not to know the big man with the big personality. 

JCK Show Review: Looking “Up”

When retail jewelers talk about this year’s JCK Las Vegas Show, it sounds much like a Delta airlines commercial. The usual barometers for a good show (buyer numbers, writing orders, the mood, and traffic) were all “up” for many retailers and the exhibitors they spoke with at the show.

Stuller launches Create Bar

Stuller’s new Create Bar combines the best of the company’s CounterSketch customization software with their prototype jewelry systems. Launched at last month’s JCK Las Vegas Show, the new turn-key solution is a first for Stuller: a shop-in-shop concept for retail jewelers.

Marc Geller – Applying smart business practices to wholesale diamonds

The diamond wholesale business seems straight forward. You go to the mines, buy the goods, bring ’em back and wait on somebody to buy them. It’s a simple process that seems to leave no room for improvement.

But Marc Geller of M. Geller Ltd. diamond wholesalers in Chicago has changed the rules. He puts more into this tried-and-true business practice than is expected. Like his retailers, he delivers more than just an average experience to his clients and, in doing so, keeps his business growing.

Atlanta Diamond Design provides exceptional quality alongside family atmosphere

Most retailers know that customer comfort translates into sales. Izzy Israeli wants his customers to feel comfortable too, but he has a different goal in mind. Instead of focusing on the sale, he wants to know who he’s “working for.” As CEO of Atlanta Diamond Design, Izzy approaches his jewelry business with a desire to satisfy, a commitment to quality, and feelings of joy when he sees the smile on his customer’s faces.