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Big Jewelers on Campus

A fun kids’ playroom and giving away Pez candy dispensers makes a good first impression, but courting potential customers as young adults makes a lasting one. With marriages projected to rise significantly in 2016, retailers are marketing more to college students to garner greater shares of the growing bridal market.

The industry bids farewell to Buddy Frazier

Retailers and long-time industry veterans continue to mourn the loss of independent sales rep Buddy Frazier. The 30 year veteran lost his fight to oral cancer in December 2011 at the young age of 61 after battling hard for more than a year. Regardless of the severity of his treatment, his friends and colleagues still remember his upbeat, optimistic attitude regardless of his physical condition.

Danny Clark - Jeweler, Jester, cow bladder banger

For more than a decade I’ve written for Southern Jewelry News and I love my job! I love telling the stories of people who’ve made a way for themselves and their families by choosing the jewelry industry as their career. I’ve spoken with 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation families who’ve passed down their businesses leaving a legacy that their great grandchildren can call their own. I’ve covered people who give more back to their communities and to the industry than they do to themselves and I’m continually surprised by the amazing people I meet.

How to properly light a jewelry store

Basic Terms/Issues for Lighting

Ceiling Height: The height of a store’s ceiling is one of the most important factors that goes into a plan for lighting a jewelry store in such a way that the merchandise looks spectacular. As the source of light moves farther away from the merchandise, the power and intensity of the light diminishes. Stores with higher ceilings (over 9’) face some challenges with lighting. Stores with ceilings that are higher either have to use more lights that are spaced closer together to illuminate a showcase, or bring the light source closer by dropping down a track or using a pendant.

Learn. Earn. Buy. Spring 2012 Atlanta Jewelry Show brings it all together for retailers

(ATLANTA) – Learn everything you can... Buy everything you need... Earn everything you want... Returning to the Cobb Galleria Centre February 25-27, 2012, the Atlanta Jewelry Show brings together everything retailers need to maximize annual sales. With a new, modern look for the show floor, second annual Torch Awards Competition, special hands-on Gemworld International Workshop, GIA Pearl Grading Lab class, Jewelry Fashion Show and other new initiatives joining the show’s expanding line-up, retailers will have more to explore than ever before.

Jeweler helping female teen chase her racing dreams

Hickory, NC-based Oz’s Jewelers sponsoring racing phenom Annabeth Barnes

It’s not often a boy gets to learn jewelry repair and automotive care in the same garage, but Oz Hefner did. Growing up in Hickory, NC guaranteed him exposure to racing, but when the father of a good friend showed him automotive repair in the same garage where he taught Hefner how to size a ring, the high school boy was hooked. His love for cars and a desire to work with his hands came together in a life-changing way and, today, Hefner proudly operates Oz’s Jewelers, an almost 30 year old retail jewelry business.