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Eastern Lighting helps retail jewelers ‘illuminate the path to profit’

Jewelry lighting has come a long way in a short time, thanks to technological advances and one Texas company that focuses its lighting expertise on the industry.

Brent Neal, senior lighting consultant at Eastern Lighting in Stafford, just outside Houston, took three Gemological Institute of America courses to earn his Accredited Jewelry Professional diploma. “It’s just an example of how we are focused on the special lighting needs of jewelers,” Brent says. “You won’t find many lighting professionals who study jewelry to help them better understand their customers’ perspective.”

Unlikely business partners spell success for Haywood Jewelers in Virginia

So what does a young female, fresh out of college with a dual major in International Studies and Russian, and a minor in Criminal Justice have in common with a 20 year jewelry industry veteran who owns his own store? Plenty. Joanna Gruver Hudzik and Harold Ingram have overcome large generational gaps and opposing genders to expand upon an already established strong business brand in their small Virginia communities. What most of society considers an odd couple, Harold and Joanna consider an ideal business relationship.

“Harold and I have a great relationship,” states Joanna. “I couldn’t ask for a better business partner. I run the Hardy store and he has the Rocky Mount store and he lets me make my own decisions and my own mistakes.”

What started off as a part-time job while Joanna attended college quickly revealed tremendous career potential. Harold took notice of Joanna’s natural business talent during those first few years of employment and realized that “she was just a natural born salesperson.”

Joanna’s willingness to do more than what was asked of her confirmed Harold’s opinion that she would be successful in the industry.

“She brought me customers while she was working part-time and going to school,” Harold recalls. “She worked as much for us out in the community as she did behind the counter. She never just did her job and left. She always did more. I had no idea we’d be partners someday though.”

Harold had been running Haywood’s Jewelers since the mid ‘70s, after coming to work for his father-in-law, Rudy Haywood, in 1968. Learning every aspect of the business made him the logical choice to succeed his father-in-law in 1998 when Rudy decided to retire.

When Joanna came to work for Harold in the late ‘90s neither had any idea a new business partnership was right around the corner. When Joanna’s dream job didn’t work out after graduation she realized she didn’t want to leave the store or the industry. Harold wanted to keep her, but knew his daughter was ready to join the family business at the same time, and Haywood’s budget couldn’t sustain two new salaries.

Joanna proposed they open a second store which she would head up. After much conversation Harold finally looked at Joanna and said, “You come up with your half and I’ll come up with mine and we will open another store.” Joanna became an official business partner at 24 years old.

“Harold and I share everything relating to the business. I’ll call and discuss a situation and ask for advice and, undoubtedly, we think alike in the response. Although our partnership is different, we both care deeply about our customers, our community and our business ethics, and we really do see things in the same way.”

This “Odd Couple” shares more than just business philosophy. Joanna and Harold share a college alma mater as well as a love for running. Citing Harold’s ability to “run me under the table,” Joanna’s enthusiasm for her business partner is evident when she talks about Harold’s influence on her desire to run. The two have made it a tradition to jog together while on buying trips and have run races together.

“The first time we ran together my pride made me ask him to run behind so people wouldn’t think a 60 year old man was faster than I was,” laughs Joanna. “We always give each other a hard time.”

For Harold the advantage of having someone 30 years younger join the business has been great. When you ask him what she’s brought to the table he’s quick to tell you – youth. Having someone with youthful ideas, eager to learn better, new ways to run the business has been a huge advantage for the store. Harold sees the positive impact her enthusiasm has had on their business both in the community and in the industry.

24 Karat Club Southeastern United States holds 38th annual Banquet

(ATLANTA) - The 24 Karat Club Southeastern United States (SEUS) hosted its 38th annual black-tie Banquet at the elegant Atlanta Country Club on August 11th. The elite event was well attended with over 200 leaders of the jewelry industry and their guests enjoying an evening of networking and recognition.  

The night’s festivities began with the 24 Karat Club President’s Reception attended by Club officers and directors, new members and the evening’s honorees. All members and guests then enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at a pre-dinner cocktail party.

August Atlanta Jewelry Show delivers unexpected delights, new business growth opportunities

(ATLANTA) - Delivering on its marketing campaign message, “Prepare For The Unexpected,” the August 11-13, 2012 edition of the Atlanta Jewelry Show at the Cobb Galleria Centre delighted buyers and exhibitors alike with many unexpected returns. Buyer feedback on business growth opportunities uncovered during the popular SJTA U seminars and creative new designs discovered on the show floor came together with reports from exhibitors of steady show traffic and booth sales figures that exceeded expectations to create a positive buzz throughout the 3-day event.

Crazy about Christmas

There’s a fine line between passion and obsession. Rich Meyers’ wife Corinne thought her husband crossed that line when an 18-wheeler pulled up in front of their Neenah, WI store with the driver asking if he could unload several pallets of 2.5-foot tall Green Bay Packer-themed Santa figures.

Jeweler puts the Rock in Rockford

Mark and Monika Clodius, co-owners of Clodius & Co. Jewelers, like the fun and excitement of treasure hunts and finders keepers events. These events have worked well for retail jewelers in recent years producing tremendous good will in the communities store owners serve while garnering favorable amounts of media coverage.

IDD’s mission: Help independent retailers succeed in today’s environment

Manufacturer features best-selling classic diamond jewelry & dazzling collections

Alok Mehta, owner and CEO of diamond jewelry manufacturer IDD, says his company’s philosophy is quite simple: “Provide a quality product at a great value, consistently, and service the customer at all times.”