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Stuller, Inc. provides bridge into the future for jewelry storeowners

Manufacturer to host nine events designed to increase retailer profitability

(LAFAYETTE, La.) - Stuller recently announced plans for nine conferences for jewelry storeowners throughout 2011 at its global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

“The Bridge conference program features merchandising and technology innovations designed to bridge the gap from today into tomorrow for independent retailers,” says Kerry Hand, executive director of marketing. “We view our retailers as partners and realize the best way to serve their growing needs is to expand opportunities to spend time collaborating with them. For example, one of our very popular educational seminars is on adapting to change, which has been a central theme for anyone running a jewelry retail business in the last three years.”

Nothing excites like a BIG diamond

Yehuda’s Big Diamond Exchange program a hit with retailers

When’s the last time you remember jewelry consumers being excited about buying diamonds? Think back... back... farther... yeah, I can’t remember either. The fact is jewelry consumers spent the last two years listening to ads about selling their gold jewelry, not buying diamonds. Buying gold has been a life saver for many jewelers. It kept them afloat during tough economic times, and proved to be a very smart business decision, but is it time to move on? Yehuda says “yes” and they are doing more than just talking about it.

The charming Little Gallery at the idyllic resort

“I couldn’t love a job more,” effuses Carol Swain, co-owner with Kay King of The Little Gallery on Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia (www.thelittlegallerysml.com). Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, the award-winning gallery, chosen by Southern Living magazine as “a favorite place to shop,” clearly deserves its accolades.

Hard work and passion make Jorge Adeler’s dreams come true

Passion attracts. It brings with it an intensity all its own that draws people in like a moth to a flame. Jorge Adeler, a nationally recognized jewelry designer and owner of Adeler Jewelers in Great Falls, VA exudes passion for both his business and his family. The emotion with which he discusses the timeless existence of jewelry or the joy he has working with his daughters overflows like a wave crashing onto the shore. His love for all things beautiful convinces the listener to join him on a journey of admiration for what can be done with nature, and trust me, no one refuses his invitation.

Ruby: Red Alert for trade

Antoinette Matlins is spearheading the efforts of the Accredited Gemologists Association (AGA) to alert the trade to a very serious crisis that’s only now starting to rear its ugly head where the trade is concerned - especially for  retailers, designers, bench jewelers and anyone buying rubies for stores. Below is the entry Matlins wrote for a Rio Grande blog that summarizes the problem. At the end of this article there is information on how to get a more in-depth explanation of all the ways in which these newcomers differ from “treated ruby” with glass fillings or residues, what the trade needs to know about them and how costly they can be, financially as well as to one’s reputation.

Father and son team up in Concord, NC

“It tickles my fancy,” Richard MacPherson reveals, “when I show a client her newly created custom piece and she says ‘Wow! This is far beyond what I imagined.’”

Fortunately Richard of MacPherson’s Diamond and Design (11 Union St., Ste. 102, Concord NC, www.macphersonsjewelers.com) frequently enjoys such accolades. A master jeweler, he’s worked in the trade for decades, starting in NYC’s jewelry district, then working for years for several top Charlotte, NC stores.

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