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Retailer Roundtable: How was your Christmas season and what were your hot sellers?

Q: How was your Christmas season and what were your hot sellers? 

“The actual numbers are still being tabulated, but what I can say is the numbers are close to 10 percent over last year’s holiday season. Which was quite a surprise as the months and weeks leading up to the holiday season were very quiet. But after the presidential election people started spending money. We have a great clientele and sold some very special high-end pieces, one notable piece was a pink diamond bracelet. For 30 years we’ve been holding a 30 percent off sale that runs the length of the holiday shopping season, from Thanksgiving Day weekend through Christmas Eve. The event still attracts a lot of customers and every year we invite vendors for at least one trunk show, which was held December 9-10 this year. 

Jewelers Helping Jewelers

The Southern Jewelers Guild takes a look at the explosive growth of the industry-only Facebook group

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” ~ Helen Keller

Just beyond the surface of your regular Facebook feed is a quiet, but flourishing closed Facebook group, operating underground through the innocuous name of “Jewelers Helping Jewelers.”

ASHI launches #LovebrightValentine Sweepstakes


(NEW YORK) - After receiving a “fantastic response” from the Lovebright Holiday Sweepstakes, ASHI is excited to announce the launch of their next initiative - #LovebrightValentine Sweepstakes! ASHI will give away a free Lovebright Diamond Heart pendant crafted in 14K white gold, with a retail value of $2,500, to one lucky customer from one of their participating retailers.

Greg Lynn discovers art in the midst of struggle

Greg ProteaWhen Greg Lynn’s parents were transferred from North Carolina to Israel, the recent high school graduate made the bold decision to stay behind. As a young 18 year old he had plans that included a lot of surfing and, along the way, a degree in marine biology. But when a significant surfing injury brought drastic changes to his plan he found himself alone, unable to attend school and in need of a job. Thanks to a family friend he was hired to replace watch batteries.

How will Trump’s election affect retail jewelers?

JAPAC Bonaparte 3

President-elect Donald Trump has been in the public spotlight for decades. Domestic and international television viewers have watched and perhaps learned of the famous billionaire turned reality TV host. But his campaign was all business, pure showmanship and marketing, the likes of which the media, social media and the American public has never witnessed.

Retailer Roundtable: What is your outlook for the industry in 2017?

Q:What is your outlook for the industry in 2017? 

“My outlook for the gem and jewelry industry in 2017 is positive. Here in Texas, it’s oil country and as long as oil stays above $50 per barrel, we’ll be in good shape down here. I believe another positive indicator is seeing the stock market continuing to go up. When the stock market goes up, so does consumer confidence. In just a few weeks after the election, we already see people feeling better about buying jewelry and other luxury items. People are glad the election is over and we can continue to make progress.  Again, we’re already seeing more optimism about buying jewelry and getting ready for the holiday season and the new year ahead.”

Female wounded warrior finds passion, career and calling in jewelry

Tara humveeThere are many paths to finding the right career. Most are predictable, but sometimes the path becomes clear only through adversity. Richard Branson, whose net worth of $4.9 billion makes him nearly 10 times wealthier than Queen Elizabeth II, dropped out of school at 17 to start a newspaper. Although he loved journalism, keeping the paper afloat required him to stop writing and focus on production and financing instead. His deep commitment to the paper ensured the development of his then fledgling business skills helping him become a world renowned business man.