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JB Fine Jewelry flies high celebrating 10 years in business

JB bench MarchFlying “under the radar” has worked well for JB, owner of JB Fine Jewelry in Tampa, Florida. For 35 years he’s been content using his talents to please customers and keep his employers’ stores on track with their busy repair schedules. He’s trained under master jewelers, dabbled in just about every stone or metal and has found tremendous satisfaction from putting life back into heirloom pieces that everyone else had given up on.

World’s biggest engagement ring a big task with huge returns

Smyth frontWhen Smyth Jewelers launched its “How Big Is Big?” campaign in 2014, the Maryland-based (3 stores: Baltimore, Timonium and Annapolis) retail jeweler’s CEO Mark Motes never imagined that the enduring rhetorical marketing query would have a single, quantitative answer just over a year later: 17 feet by 14 feet. 

South Carolina jeweler re-opens after second theft

SC damage Feb“But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction.” - Job 36:15 (NIV)

No one escapes life without some hardship, but some get more than their share. And, when those people are a part of the fine jewelry industry the huge hearts of their fellow members culminate in dramatic displays of unconditional love.

Wayne Sexton, owner of Jeweler’s Bench in Greenville, South Carolina, qualifies as a man who’s seen more than his share of suffering. From an early age he faced hard decisions head-on. At 16 he decided to leave high school to find work, and by age 18 he was married. Suffering a severe injury in his mid-thirties left him discouraged and unable to perform his welding duties for many months. But his strong faith and God-given artistic talent kept him sane.

Adwar Casting stays true to its casting heritage, allowing customers to add the finishing touch

Adwar Harry judy gregg keith FebAdwar Casting Company, a New York-based, family-led casting business with more than 40 years of experience, has maintained the same mission since 1972 when Harry and Judy Adwar opened its doors.

“We work hard to make great castings and provide our customers the tools to be highly profitable selling our castings,” says their son Keith Adwar, who owns the company now along with his brother Gregg, who is acting president. Adwar Casting offers more than 172,000 styles including bridal, two-stone rings, earring climbers, initials, ladies’ rings, men’s rings, earrings, bracelets, charms, religious pieces and more. All are delivered with the Adwar tradition of excellent quality and craftsmanship. By offering castings instead of finished pieces, customers can do more custom work with Adwar’s styles.

Esperanza Diamond Tour starts in Arkansas

Dia finishedHailed as most valuable diamond ever found in U.S.

There are events that happen with such incredible timing and good fortune it almost seems like divine intervention is at work. Such is the case with the 8.52-carat Esperanza Diamond rough. From its serendipitous finding by a Colorado tourist at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas to the network of industry professionals that made it possible for this extraordinary diamond to return to Arkansas at Stanley Jewelers Gemologist where it was cut and polished during a world-first video stream event viewed by thousands on YouTube.


The story of this incredible diamond find begins in late June last year when Bobbie Oskarson of Longmont, Colorado, and her boyfriend Travis Dillon found the Crater of Diamonds State Park on a travel map. For kicks they thought it would be fun to dig for diamonds. The couple set their sights on Pig Pen, a 37-acre terrain known to be a sloppy, muddy mess after a heavy rainfall.

Retailer Roundtable: What are the major goals/objectives for your business in 2016?

Q: What are the major goals/objectives for your business in 2016?

“We have a lot going on in 2016 starting with our website. More product images will be added as well as more detailed content to offer customers more information on us, our jewelry and watches and our services. Chain stores are promoting two-stone rings. Our plan is to approach our vendor partners to find finished pieces so we can service customers asking for this product. In the fall months, we were getting some questions from customers on this ring style based on ads seen on TV. For products, we brought on a new vendor in 2015 to help with finished and custom jewelry. That relationship will definitely continue into the new year. Gabriel & Co. of New York and Citizen are two brands that have been selling very well for us, so we’ll most likely look at adding to these brands next year. For 2016 we’ll also be adding CounterSketch from Stuller. We’ll have to make some adjustments to our store’s interior to accommodate the technology and displays that come with that change. New Stuller showcases are also coming soon, which will give us a fresh look. And, we might even put in some new carpeting.” 

$100K wedding giveaway realizes huge benefits

When Ben Bridge Jewelers celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2012, the retail chain held a grand contest - 100 grand to be precise. By all measures and metrics, the inaugural contest was a mammoth success. Even Marc Bridge, vice president of marketing for the company, thought it would be a “one and done” contest.

As 2016 gets underway, Ben Bridge Jeweler $100,000 Wedding of the Century contest may celebrate its own milestone anniversary with the company considering a fifth such contest this year. It’s easy to understand the thinking behind investing in another contest. “Our bridal business has doubled in the last five years,” says Marc.