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Will it be fine in 2009?



I just got the chance to read your March article. It was so nice to have it spelled all out with your positive but to the point approach. It shows hard work does pay off.

I love your... Hey I'm going to go get them... while you all complain.

I was told/advised twelve years ago not to buy the store that I now own because I have MS and it would not be good for me...too much stress they said. Twelve years later I'm still coming to work on those "Mondays" and every other day and I love it. I have done well and love to work hard and enjoy my customers along the way. I do believe there will be plenty of us still standing when things lighten up. I will just continue like you to do my best and take care of my customers in the best way that I can.

Thanks for spreading some good news. I wish some station would have the guts to report all good news for one entire day. For now I turn off the T.V. and have a good day.

You have a good day too!

Thanks again!

Denise Wurtzel
Williams Diamond Center
Eau Claire, WI


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