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Train the Trainer Course announces lower prices, fall dates

Brad Huisken of IAS Training and frequent speaker at jewelry events around the world has announced fall dates and lower pricing for his Train the Trainer Course. This training seminar is exclusively for owners, managers, sales managers, and sales trainers. The fall dates and locations are Minneapolis, MN, Sept 30 - Oct 2; Dallas, TX, Oct 13 - 15; Sacramento, CA, Oct 20 - 22; and Charlotte, NC, Nov 3 - 5, 2009.

Huisken believes that the sales manager/trainer has the toughest job in the store. He or she has to do a great job of leading their staff in order to maximize every selling opportunity. The most valuable asset that a retail store has is the salespeople that are face to face with the customer. If that person isn't trained and coached on the floor in real situations, it may cost a store hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenue and profits.

Huisken says: "I hear from retail store owners that I have trained my staff and they just aren't doing it. The responsibility lies with the sales manager to make sure that the staff is doing it. Whether it is adding-on, turning over a sale, converting a repair to sale, handling objections, up-selling, creating customers for life, instituting an effective clientele process, planting seeds for future purchases - the success or failure of a store is in the hands of the person running the sales floor. This is specifically why I developed this course - to give the sales manager/trainer the tools, knowledge, experience, and confidence to go back to their store and really make a difference in producing positive results on the sales floor."

"I did an add-on yesterday because I stopped myself and heard your voice!" said Julie O'Brien, Graduate Gemologist, Les Olson Jewelers. "It was a very substantial fancy multi-diamond pendant sale and I was so excited to have closed it! In my excitement, I moved forward before he changed his mind. I put it in a gift box and before I presented it to the customer, I put the matching ring in the box and suggested the match. He took it! He then cut me off and told me not to show him anything else. It was my biggest sale outside of the bridal department in 23 years! Kudos obviously to myself, but also thanks to you. Attending your class and having it all in the frontal lobe, readjusted my confidence level. Thanks Brad. You're awesome!"

According to Huisken, a sales manager/trainer's job is: "To provide the leadership, knowledge, training, incentives and consequences in order to recruit, hire, train, and maintain a successful staff." This course give the sales manager/trainer these tools.

"Today, as a retail store owner, I use the contents of this course every minute, every hour, every day of the week. It's an arsenal I can't be without - especially in a challenging economy. It is the single most important tool in sustaining and growing my business," said Ara Darakjian, Darakjian Jewelers, Southfield, MI.

Huisken adds: "This course will allow retail store owners, managers and sales trainers to give their staffs the help that they need in order to maximize the productivity of individual salespeople along with maximizing the sales and profits of the store. Only through training, knowledge, and education can a jeweler flourish in today's highly competitive marketplace. It is time to take training out of the back room and put it on the sales floor through one on one coaching and training. Now retailers can provide their customers with the skilled professionals that they expect and give salespeople the tools that they need in order to maximize every selling opportunity. I want to provide the retail store owner/manager and their staffs with the tools that they need to not only survive but to dramatically increase sales and profits!"

For more information, a brochure and pricing contact IAS Training at 800-248-7703, fax 303-936-9581, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit


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