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IGI sees increased demand for Security Seal

(NEW YORK) - IGI's Security Seal packaging option has seen a recent rise in demand due to the increased popularity of loose stones purchased online and in retail stores.

Upon request, an IGI-certified stone is sealed in a secure and tamper-proof container, ensuring the contents were last handled by an IGI professional, eliminating the possibility of tampering or replacement. A miniature copy of the IGI Diamond Report is enclosed within the seal (and is visible from the back). Once the packaging is opened, the IGI Seal will display a chemically-generated pattern, confirming the seal has been broken. The IGI Security Seal is an exclusive option for IGI-certified stones.

IGI has been sealing stones since its opening in 1975, though the service has primarily been utilized in the Institute's European laboratories where loose stones are likely to be shipped across country lines. However, due to the recent rise in customers purchasing loose stones, both online and at retail counters worldwide, the demand for the service has increased across the board.

"As the number of ways to buy fine gemstones continues to increase, so does the potential security risk," stated IGI President and CEO Jerry Ehrenwald. "We at IGI are constantly working to protect our customers by providing verification that one receives exactly what was purchased. The IGI Security Seal does just that."

The International Gemological Institute was established in 1975 in Antwerp and is located in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, Mumbai, the Seepz Zone, Kolkata, New Delhi, Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. IGI is an ISO accredited worldwide organization. For additional information, please visit

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