Last updateTue, 17 Apr 2018 11pm

Harmon Group releases turnkey digital sales program

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) - After four years of extensive testing, the Harmon Group has released REPS, a turnkey digital sales tool that enables manufacturers to save money, sell more product, and penetrate additional markets.

Housed on a lightweight laptop or iPad, the REPS software enables manufacturers to showcase their entire jewelry lines in high-resolution, crisp digital imagery - without the hefty costs of insuring a large live line or manufacturing multiple samples.

From a single product prototype, REPS enables manufacturers to create complete line extensions digitally, manufacturing products only after a purchase order has been received. Salespeople carry only a laptop or iPad and a discreet number of samples, so they are no longer moving targets for theft. As a result, manufacturers are able to retain top sales talent and penetrate high-value markets that were previously considered too dangerous.

“We designed REPS to be highly intuitive and mirror the way manufacturers currently sell,” said Rick Arnemann, CEO of the Harmon Group. “While we believe REPS will revolutionize the jewelry industry, the transition to electronic sales will feel seamless.”

Product is laid out in virtual trays, which can be custom assembled for each sales presentation. Multiple product views, including a 10X loupe view, allow retailers to experience the jewelry in exquisite detail. Related products display automatically, along with complete product information and pricing.

Product pricing, terms and discounts can be updated automatically by REPS (at the manufacturer’s discretion) or system-wide to reflect current metal prices. Adjustable diamond pricing will be available soon. An efficient paperless system, REPS generates purchase orders at the point of sale and auto-sends copies to the retailer and home office.

REPS also brings administrative efficiencies to the sales process. It stores comprehensive customer information, buying histories, and past purchase orders as well as personal information about each customer, including birthdays, anniversaries, family members and special events. Sales reps can use the program to take notes or set auto-reminders about important next steps. The program’s mapping feature even allows reps to plan call routes for maximum efficiency.

For further information about REPS, visit www.jewelryreps.com or call 615-256-3393 to arrange a demo. The Harmon Group is a full-service advertising agency specializing in the jewelry industry. For more information visit www.harmongrp.com.