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Selling the Sizzle

“You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle.” Fashion is the sizzle. Fashion creates excitement and drama. It lures and entices. It creates the desire.

The Grand Finale of the Atlanta Jewelry Show’s popular Jewelry on the Catwalk.
To add an engine to your sales, add the allure of fashion. Presenting Collections on models makes pieces come alive and suggests stylistic options. Your customers can see how pieces may be worn with casual, business or formal dress. They can visualize mix-and-match options. Color sells. Showing black and white or vibrantly colored pieces with outfits that accentuate their color intensifies the effect. Jewelry is meant to be worn. Experienced salespeople know that when showing a necklace or bracelet, the effect is more powerful if the piece is shown on the neck or draped on the wrist. Fashion shows maximize this advantage.

At the recent SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show, the “Jewelry on the Catwalk” Fashion Show presented possibilities of how fashion can be used to create drama and allure

  • Honora’s pearl and black onyx multi-strand necklace in black and white is right on trend. Black and white is an always fresh classic. The multi-layered look is right on cue.
  • Mia Katrin for Jewel Couture LLC’s Statement Necklace in Blue Topaz nuggets in 14 karat gold creates a bold impression. The organic nugget look creates a fresh twist to a versatile piece.
  • Barbara Garwood’s sumptuous designs featuring rich gems work well with classic looks, adding dramatic appeal. Vibrant color adds a fresh twist.
  • Nina Nguyen’s cutting-edge style provides a fashion-forward option. Alternative materials and a flowing style keep the new options fresh.
  • Officina Bernardi’s sensuous necklaces in colored metals create fashion drama.
  • Sterling Reputation presents a bold modern look that suits a variety of style options.

Presenting jewelry as fashion makes possibilities come alive for your clients. It suggests options and creates allure. Consider a fashion show or models wearing pieces at Trunk Shows or a party event to make pieces scintillate. Try adding an extra spark by exploring the many options of jewelry as fashion. It’s sure to create excitement and drama. It’s selling the sizzle.

Mia Katrin is an award-winning, internationally celebrated couture jewelry designer specializing in high-end necklaces with precious gems in 18-22 karat gold as well as the new affordably priced Jewel Casual Collection. Her Collections, which have been worn by A-List Hollywood celebrities, are featured in many top galleries and stores throughout the country, where she regularly hosts Trunk Shows. Contact Mia via her website, http://jeweljewel.com, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1- 877 JEWEL-MY (539-3569).