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The Story Behind the Stone:Out of the Blue Zircon

You don’t need to know the complex details of zircon, like the fact that this mineral belongs to a group called nesosilicates. You also don’t have to track its rich and ancient history. But Arabic, Persian and other far eastern cultures claim their language as the root for the modern word, zircon. It’s that old.

Blue Zircon ring by Yael Designs.
This ubiquitous gem mineral is found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks around the globe. From Australia to Java, or Norway to Pikes Peak, zircon can be found by rock hounds. But as plentiful as zircon is, its occurrence in large crystals is an uncommon treat. So flaunt those large zircon rings, pendants and dangling earrings. They are a rare treasure.

The gem can be naturally colored in pink or rosy red, yellow, called Hyacinth, even inky black or completely colorless. Jewelry lovers are fond of blue zircon in particular. This stone can be cut to showcase its flamboyant dispersion, in part due to its hardness. But all hard stones don’t cast a light show like zircon, and that makes it a showy sparkler; the reason its fans are loyal.

Your customers may have developed a fondness for colored diamonds lately. With all the press given to the brightly toned diamonds, they’ve nearly become household names - yet most households can’t spring for a colorful diamond of any size whatsoever. Tempt your jewelry collectors with gorgeous zircon - and blue is a great and popular choice. The lively brilliance and scintillation is what drew fans to zircon - so show them how much ‘bounce’ these stones offer when well cut in larger carat sizes. Your customers should know they join ranks with a long line of zircon, or zargun, or zargoon lovers - however it was first called.

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