Last updateTue, 24 Apr 2018 8pm

“Ask Your Neighbor About Levy Creations” ad campaign released

(CHICAGO) - It’s happened to all of us. The neighbor is peeking over your fence and wants to talk to you about an engagement ring. It’s best to know someone in the business, right? And, as his neighbor, you come with credibility and knowledge, and easy access for years to come.

He wants to talk to the guy that can get him a deal for a high-quality ring, and since you’re the neighborly type you want to help. You ask yourself if you want to enter into this kind of neighborly, business relationship. “Do I really want to sell to the neighbor? What if there is a problem? Will he be at my door daily if a melee pops out or something takes longer than promised?”

Of course you will help your neighbor out! You don’t mind helping your neighbor because you will treat him just like every customer because you will give him a Levy diamond engagement ring! Everyone wants to buy from someone they know and trust - just like your neighbor.

“If you’re going to sell a piece of jewelry to your neighbor or family member, it better be a top quality Levy,” Ivan Levi of Levy Creations said. “You don’t have to worry about any awkward relationships with your neighbor later.”

A new ad campaign launched by Levy Creations with Ivan Alan Solutions, a Chicago-based consulting company, uses this concept built on neighborly trust and reputation. Levy Creations is a 43 year old company that specializes in bridal creations and is known for its United States manufacturing quality with special order capability and service.

“The new campaign will build on the trust people already have for your store, and by using Levy Creations all your years of building a quality reputation will only be amplified in a positive repeat business dream,” says Levi.

“As part of the service we offer through our bridal line, this campaign will provide jewelers with a ‘blue print for success™’ sales process, and we can’t wait to launch the entire program.”

Ivan Levi of Ivan Alan Jewels & Levy Creations has a combined experience of 71 years of providing bridal creations to fine jewelers throughout the United States. Levy Creations can be contacted at 800-621-0496 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..