Latest News On The Move M. Geller, Gemesis agree on distribution deal

M. Geller, Gemesis agree on distribution deal


(CHICAGO) - Loose diamond wholesaler, M. Geller, Ltd has announced that they have entered into an agreement as authorized distributor for Gemesis, a principle distributor of gem-quality colorless and fancy color lab-created diamonds. According to company President and owner, Marc Geller: “We have always worked hard at being forward-thinking and timely in the products and services we offer. So the addition of lab-created diamonds is a great fit for our paradigm for bringing our customers more options in serving their customers.”

Gemesis Director of Operations, Michael Chernick, said: “Our company views the relationship with M. Geller as the springboard for creating a heightened presence for lab-created diamonds within the jewelry industry. There’s a lot of interest building out there about lab-created diamonds. Jewelers can now offer customers more options to consider when shopping for a real diamond, especially when the customer’s budget is a factor. We think M. Geller is the ideal fit for us in our efforts to build awareness and opportunities for the sale of lab-created diamonds.”

Gemesis is the world’s principle distributor of gem-quality colorless and fancy color lab-created diamonds and jewelry. According to Gemesis, lab-created diamonds possess the same characteristics as mined diamonds, including chemical composition, crystalline structure, dispersion, hardness, and density. They are formed by a process that recreates the same conditions under which traditionally mined diamonds occur, with the only difference being their point of origin.

M. Geller, Ltd is a 30-year Chicago-based wholesaler of loose diamonds. Their First Choice™ memo program includes colorless and fancy color diamonds as well as precious color gemstones, and a huge selection of earrings from its Diamond Earring Emporium.

For more information contact M. Geller at 800-643-5537 or


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